Smallville Saturation


This morning I was showering when Paul stumbled, bleary-eyed, into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Him:  *yawn*  Morning, babe.  *scratch*

Me:  Good morning yourself!  (peering out from behind the shower curtain)  Did you know your hair is sticking up funny in the back?

Him (sarcastic):  Yeah.  It helps me fly.

Me:   Very funny.


Me:  If you’ve been able to fly all this time and you haven’t taken me for a ride, you’re in big trouble, mister.

Him:  This I know.


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  1. Heehee! We just finished Season Six, the last season available so far on DVD. We’re trying to figure out a way to get our hands on what there is of Season Seven so far–I think they’re about seven episodes in. Sadly, it’s not available on iTunes. 😦

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