My New Favorite Movie


Gerard Butler and…uh…some other people got together and made a movie. I love it already. Too bad I have to wait until December 21 to see it!
P.S. I Love You


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  1. My husband does not like! Hilary Swank, and yet (it makes no sense, and) he cannot explain WHY. Drives me nuts, because I so like her, and have never not liked a movie she made. Thusly, anyway.

  2. Katrina, your love of this movie (that you have never seen, I might add) so has nothing to do with Hillary Swank. Perhaps you should link a previous post of yours (however embarrassing it is, or should be) just to set the record straight on where your celebrity affections truly lie.

  3. Okay, okay. Link incoming… (And I’ve decided not to be embarrassed. Who wouldn’t find a rakishly handsome, opera-singing Scot appealing, on a purely empirical level?)

  4. Okay. See, i love the idea of this story and the previews are compelling but I fear it will be one of those films that makes me BAWL my eyes out (which, for the record, I never used to do until recently, dammit all) and doing so really REALLY hurts my image as a consummate badass.

    So I’m very on the fence about it.


  5. Katrina…I saw your comment on my blog…and I’m also very pumped about this movie too. Not necessarily for the same reasons as you though…the dashing Harry Connick is also in the movie…hubba hubba. I’ve read the book, which is uncommon for me, I usually read the books after I see the movie, so I’m very excited to see how they portray it on the big screen.

    BTW, the novelist is the daughter of the Irish Prime Minister and this was her first published book…when she was about 24.

  6. Yes, please!

    You would be shocked, shocked to know how many people over here have not seen Dear Frankie. I had thought it would have been a matter of national pride. But I can’t even find it in the video store. Maybe I’ll need to make a special trip up to Glasgow.

    Incidentally, you wouldn’t happed to know where this Mr. Butler hangs his hat, would you?

  7. Jessi–I believe he mostly resides in London, but also spends time in NY and LA when he’s not on location.

    How can he not be the poster child for Scottish appeal and adorability? Why isn’t he on their money? I do not understand.

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