Shameless Promotion


Family gift giving. It’s a minefield. That Seinfeld calendar that you thought was so cute and trendy when you were shopping in the mall looks ridiculous on the door of your Aunt Ethel’s turn-of-the-century icebox, and even though you’ve found the perfect sweater for your cousin, Jody, you’re torn between getting it in the size she says she is (which she will never wear) and the size that fits (which will cause her to burst into tears and hate you forever.)

It’s been my experience that the gifts that cause the most “ooh”s and “ahh”s (the good kind, not the painful sucking in of breath that you hear when the fine china serving platter comes out of the box in three pieces) are the ones that are unique, personal, and handmade. Like the baby afghan that you knitted for your beach-ball-bellied sister, or the handcrafted kitchen stool that you bought from a local artisan for your grandmother’s cabin. Whether you make it or someone else does, a gift created by hand seems somehow more meaningful.

That’s why I’ll be doing some of my Christmas shopping this Saturday at the annual Coeur d’Alene Christian School Craft Fair. If you live in the North Idaho area, I’d like to encourage you to come, too. Not only will you be checking off items on your Christmas shopping list, you’ll be supporting a school that is very near and dear to my family’s heart.

There will be over thirty-six vendors selling all kinds of beautiful handiwork, as well as a raffle and a special PTO baked goods booth, the proceeds of which go directly to the school. At last! This is your chance to taste Katrina’s Scrumptious Fudge Brownies for yourself and see that I’ve told the truth about their chocolatey-gooey goodness. (I might even go completely crazy with Christmas spirit and add nuts!)

If you’re not quite in the Christmas shopping mood yet, you will be when you see the twinkly lights illuminating tables full of lovely handiwork–and if you do, indeed, shop till you drop, a little breakfast or lunch from the kitchen, where you can fill your belly with some yummy chili and enjoy a baked potato bar, is sure to revive you.

Also, since Christmas is about giving as well as receiving, you can feel good about shopping at the Kids Santa Store, where your children can buy gifts for everyone in their family at kid-friendly prices from the first and second graders of CCS, who are raising money to construct a Listening Center for their own classroom.

So, to summarize, in just one short hour of your Saturday, you could: find the perfect Christmas gift, support Christian education, eat chili, win a raffle, equip a child’s classroom, and try my brownies.

Not a bad start to the season!

What: CCS Craft Fair
When: Saturday, Dec. 1, 9am-3pm
Where: Dalton Gardens Church of Christ
On the corner of 4th and Hanley
Coeur d’Alene, ID


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  1. make that “You shameless promoter, you” (my “r” key is broken… and I have no excuse for the Yuo, except that sometimes my brain moves faster than my fingers.)

  2. That sounds wonderful! I bought a beautiful baby blanket for my sister’s baby at a craft fair. It is easy to spend a small fortune there!

    I have found that pre-printed flipbooks from Snapfish or Shutterfly are awesome gifts to give. Especially for the elders who love keep updated on the youngsters who grow at warp speed.

    My MIL has scanned 100 year old family photos, refurbished them and had pre-printed books for family.

    Shameless promotion for which I don’t even get a discount 🙂

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