Thank You for the Little Things


*notes from Katie tucked into my pocket or hidden under my pillow

*pumpkin flax muffins with chopped pecans

*cute black boots that go with everything and actually zip over my calves

*heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer

*money for groceries

*Sunday afternoon naps with football playing in the background

*my new wool coat, so toasty warm I feel it in my toes

*high speed internet connection

*rare moments of complete and total quiet

*health insurance for the whole family

*Amber letting me pick out my own matron-of-honor dress, in my favorite color, and with no mention of the word “taffeta”

*Caleb’s run-across-the-room-and-knock-me-over Monster Hugs

*our Christmas tree, decorated with ornaments from every chapter in our family story

*candles that smell like food

*being lifted up in prayer by good friends

*leftover turkey, eaten cold with cranberry relish

*my library card, and the beautiful new library it opens

*music: fun, funky, beautiful, whimsical, inspiring, haunting, transcendent, invigorating, worshipful (what I’m loving right now: “Into the West” by Howard Shore and Annie Lennox)

*Coeur d’Alene Lake, ringed by green-gold mountains topped with snow

*our car: red, reliable and, best of all, paid off

*Girls’ Craft Night

*Katie’s gifted and dedicated teachers

*a good landlord, attentive and responsible

*hot drinks on a freezing night

*roller skating under a disco ball

*the entertaining and slightly nutso things that people do, like camping out in the Best Buy parking lot on Black Friday

*silky pajamas and fuzzy slippers

*cold, clean water from the fridge

*Bible study groups

*”I love you” phone calls in the middle of the day


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  1. It has been inspirational to read your grateful posts all week. This one I loved because I could relate to many of them. .. those little things many take for granted like health insurance, CdA Lake, a nice landlady, and naps. What a lovely way to end November.

  2. Were you part of the group of nutso’s that decided to camp on the concrete? We weren’t, but might have considered it had we had the money to actually buy something – like a 50″ plasma TV 🙂 But, I think that however tempted we might be, reason, and probably our need for warm sleep, would have won-out! I cannot fathom doing something like that, just to save 20 or 30% – so not worth it in my book!

  3. Sometimes your posts just make me cry.

    I love the joy you find in the simplest things; and I wish I had some of that in me.

    Mostly, I wish I had more of the simple things for which you are (so rightfully) thankful; “I Love You Phone Calls In The Middle Of The Day”.

    You deserve it – you’re such a good and lovely person… I wish I were more like you.

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