Thank You for Vacation


This morning I slept in until nearly 10:30!

Paul got up when the kids did, made breakfast, and kept the volume level of our small apartment to a dull roar so that I could catch a few more winks. What a great start to the day; even Mommy is on vacation! (And yes, I know how lucky I am to have a guy who understands the 24/7 nature of stay-at-home parenting.)

Today we wore our jammies late, grazed all day, watched movies and played games. Even preparing food for tomorrow’s big feast felt like an extension of the fun–making everyone’s favorite dishes, trying out new recipes, hoping that it all tastes as good as it smells.

Now the kids are in bed (“Didn’t we just change out of our pajamas?”) and Paul and I are relaxing, surrounded by yummy aromas and a general sense of contentment.

What a delicious day.

Monday seems forever away.


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  1. Well, here I am on Monday morning reading your post and wishing that it were still Wednesday! We overslept this morning and have spent the last 45 minutes racing to get Alex out the door to head back to school – not a good way to start the week. So glad you were able to rest and relax…sounds like it was exactly what you needed 🙂

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