Five Things


If I can blatantly steal an idea take a cue from Jen, here are five things that made me happy today:

*wearing my brand new wool coat and gloves and feeling really truly warm as I stepped out into the cold morning

*getting snuggles from my sick boy on the couch while we watched cartoons (it’s the one silver lining of Caleb being ill; he slows down enough to cuddle with Mommy)

*eating grilled vegetables and marinated steak for lunch

*burning my Pumpkin Spice Yankee candle for hours and hours, until the whole place smelled sweet and autumnal

*the moment when the acetaminophen finally kicked in and my headache faded away


5 responses »

  1. I’m starving for grilled veggies now! However I am happy because:

    Bella didn’t cry before school.

    Ava’s taking a nice long nap.

    I’m enjoying a peppermint mocha latte on this chilly morning.

    We’re getting our carpets cleaned today (that just about makes me giddy)

    I’m going to my favorite store, Target, as soon as Ava wakes up. One Spot, here I come! 🙂

  2. Steak & Yankee candles ! Bliss :x)

    I’m happy because:
    My son is in a good mood today, hardly any preteen angst.
    My daughter didn’t whine this morning.
    It isn’t raining yet.
    The cat is behaving.
    I still have a piece of Mississippi Mud Cake left.

  3. 🙂 Lovely list. Here’s mine:

    I’m happy today because:
    I finished an entire hour of BodyStep at the club (even though I was beet red for nearly an hour afterwards.)

    My daughter learned how to stick out her tongue on command.

    I beat my son at chess and he wasn’t even upset about it.

    I got to go out with the girls this week.

    My bedroom closet is now organized!

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