NaBloPoMo 2007


Nablopomo 2

Arise, bloggers! Today is November 1st, a day to let the shackles and chains of blogging protocol slip off and fall loose around our ankles! It’s time to celebrate the discordant cacophony of voices in our heads by spilling them willy-nilly across the printed page. It’s time to give our inner editor the month off, and, for once, embrace quantity over quality. It’s the first day of NaBloPoMo!

National Blog Posting Month is the slacker spin-off of the more ambitious National Novel Writing Month. The only goal: post something, anything, on your blog every single day for the month of November. That’s it.

‘Anything?’ you ask.


‘A copy of the heartbreaking and painfully private break-up letter my boyfriend sent me?’


‘An angry diatribe about people who leave their shopping carts rolling haphazardly around in the parking lot instead of putting them away in the cart corral?’

Get it off your chest!

‘Links to YouTube videos featuring people playing the nose flute?’

Of course.

‘Pictures of some moldy leftovers that ate their way through a Tupperware container and are now attempting to escape the refrigerator?’

Gross, but okay.

‘An exhaustive, categorized list of things I want for Christmas, cross-referenced through and subsidiary vendors?’

Absolutely. In fact, I recommend it.

Oh, and did I mention there are prizes? Prizes, people!

Doesn’t it sound fun? Don’t you want to join the mad rush to the keyboard?

Okay, maybe not. But the least you can do is help me get through it. I have thirty days of posts to fill here, friends. I need material! If you have a question you’d like me to answer, a topic you think I should explore, or any other kind of blogging assignment for me, please leave it in the comments! I may not get to all of them, but you can believe that when my brain runs dry (I’m guessing that will take about four days), I’ll be turning to you for inspiration.

Last year, I made it to November 25th. That fateful night, I missed the midnight deadline by twenty minutes. Twenty minutes! Five days before the end! No T-shirt for me. It still chafes. This year, I am determined to make it, no matter what sort of mental goulash I have to post! Are you with me?

Here we go…

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  1. Here is a truth or dare question posed during the Bothell blackout of 2007 in the Extended Stay Suites room number 210. We missed you. “Tell all about your first kiss.” (I hope that you have not already blogged about this.)

  2. The best thing about NaBloPoMo is that I get Katrina every day! 🙂 Here are a few possible topics:
    -As a Christian, what did you think of that whole Dumbledore/gay announcement? (this may not be the most lighthearted of posts, on second thought…)
    -Top 10 reasons why a Diet Coke makes a whole day better
    -Katrina’s Tips and Tricks for shopping with children
    -The BEST book you’ve ever read (and why)
    -Your favorite children’s books
    -How to create your own Viking helmet (spray-painted vinyl instructions included), and why you should

    That ought to get the ball rolling!

  3. Not a topic, but I do have a question…how in the heck did you get that logo/pic posted? This is the one area where I’m really disliking in a BIG way, WordPress – OK, so overlook the fact that the sentence I just typed was a major grammatical error on my part…just answer the question. I have followed the instructions, asked for ‘help’ and have even just played around with the photo upload thingy, only to be left irritated, frustrated and just stinking mad! So, just wondering if you might explain to me how you get a decent sized pic uploaded??? I can’t even get my pics to show a ‘thumbnail’ so that I can get something on my blog…I have costume pictures to post, darn it!!! Just email me…

    Ok, topics:
    1. Any pics of rotting pumpkins from this year yet, or is it too early in the season to ask if your neighbors are attempting to outdo themselves this year?
    2. Pics of your kiddos in their Halloween costumes are always a good post – you know, if you can actually managed to get your blogging software to allow you to upload them 😦 – can you tell I’m a little bitter about this subject?
    3. I’ve always wondered how you ended up being a Yankee when you started out in the South…care to shed some light?
    4. Your newest gaming habit…still a WoW addict?

    If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know 🙂 Have fun!!

  4. Oh, these are some great ideas! Thanks so much, you guys. I will definitely be taking up some of these assignments as the month goes on, so stay tuned!

    Marci–I missed being there! I’m glad you guys had fun, though. (I don’t suppose anyone bought a rubber chicken and named it after ME, did they?)

    Lisa–As soon as I read “Viking helmet”, I thought of Spring Sing, even after all these years! In honor of your great Diet Coke list idea, I added one to my new blog header!

    Jen and Courtney–Woot! I’m so glad you girls are participating! Are we crazy or what?

    Jennifer–You have a great memory! The neighbors’ pumpkins aren’t rotting yet, but they’re still there. We’ll see what happens… I’m going to send you an email about the photo posting. Take heart! It’s not as complicated as it seems at first! 🙂

    I’m still taking ideas if anyone comes up with anything else!

  5. Possible topics:
    1. The intricate steps and fascinating history of the English Morocco Dance.
    2. Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream
    3. Men who dress in brightly colored overalls…and the women who love them.
    4. World of Warcraft peasant sayings.
    5. Why they’re not letting William Shatner in the new Star Trek movie.

  6. Thanks, Donald! You almost lost me at #2–whenever I read the words “Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream”, I sort of drift off into fantasy land… What was I talking about?

    Oh, yeah! Thanks for the great ideas! (William Shatner’s not going to be in the new Star Trek movie, but Leonard Nimoy is? That seems wrong, somehow. I mean, Shatner did all that work and all that kissing of alien girls in go-go boots; hasn’t he proved himself yet?)

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