Daily Archives: October 9, 2007

The Care & Keeping of You


In the wake of our recent frank discussions about puberty and sex, I thought it was a good time to back up Katie’s accumulating store of knowledge with the written word. I found this book some time ago on Amazon and bookmarked it so I would remember it when the time came:

It’s a great book, very matter-of-fact and informative, full of useful information on personal hygiene, physical changes, and body image issues. There’s a great chapter on shopping for your first bra and another on what to do when you get your period. All of it is written in a comfortable, conversational tone designed to demystify the nebulous countryside that lies along the path between girlhood and womanhood.

I gave the book to Katie this afternoon after school, with encouragement to come to me if she had any questions. She disappeared inside it for a couple of hours when her homework was done, and every time I sneaked a peek over at her, she was wearing the same look of rapt concentration. A good sign, I think. No questions yet, but I think I’m ready for them, and I’ve got Google on standby just in case I get stumped.

Thinking back on my own turbulent adolescence, and the scant two years or so I have before Katie meets hormones for real, I only have one question: where’s my book? You know, the one called How To Survive the Preteen and Teenage Years and Still Be On Speaking Terms With Your Kids When They’re Over. I’ve been all over Amazon and I can’t find it anywhere. And I’m getting just a little nervous.