Come, dance the dance of jubilation with me! It’s premiere week!

Summer, with all its interesting diversions, may have temporarily wiped my brain clean of its pixelized fixations, but the shift to fall weather and primetime darkness has brought my curiosity roaring back with a vengeance and a sudden need to know the answers to questions like:

“Where will Jim and Pam go for dinner on their first date?”

“Will Sarah survive, or be snuffed out by the insidious miniature killer?”


“What happened to Peter and Nathan after they exploded?”

And as if I don’t have enough shows to keep up with, friends and family are conspiring to expand my addiction with their own favorite shows. Even as we speak, I am feverishly trying to catch up on back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, a show that, apparently, everyone in the world except me has been watching for the last three years.

I’ve almost decided that watching a show on DVD after it’s over is preferable to watching as it is broadcast. For one thing, you already know whether it’s worth watching. There are no commercials and you don’t have to wait a whole week (or more, if you’re watching Lost) to see what happens after the cliffhanger. If you need to take a bathroom break or go do something else, you can just pause and come back later. It works around your schedule instead of the other way around.

But I think I would miss the real time, pop culture zing of talking about the show that everyone else is talking about, of waiting on tenterhooks for the resolution of the unresolvable plot point, of pondering the inner workings of make-believe characters at odd moments during the week.

I guess, in the end, I just lack the patience to wait. (Grrrr…three hours till Heroes! What will I do with myself until then?)


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  1. We watch EVERYTHING on our DVR, so technically, we don’t see it with the rest of the general population. But, rest assured that you, my dear, are not alone in your lack of Grey’s Anatomy-ness. Michael & I picked up seasons 1 & 2 at the beginning of the summer and whizzed right thru them. Sadly, we haven’t had the time to get season 3 yet, so we’ve started recording season 4 and the spin-off series in hopes of playing catch up in a few weeks. And, please don’t give anything away in your blog so that you don’t spoil my fun…because I’d hate to stop visiting you, but would if you gave away one of those ‘unresolvable plot points’ before I have the opportunity to see it for myself. I hate it when that happens!

  2. I’m also with you in the Grey’s Anatomy-lessness. There are only a few shows that we record with the DVR, mostly because we need sleep! Our LO is almost 4 months old, so Mommy and Daddy getting sleep is important!
    Please visit my blog – I’m new to Bloggityville!

  3. I am hurriedly trying to cram the entire season 1 of Heroes into my brain. I am not allowed to watch the episode last night until I finish all the season 1 discs. That show is like crack. Or in my vernacular, Doritos.

  4. My husband and daughter became “Heroes” addicts last season, so last night I went to bed and read when I was not even tired in order to avoid the addiction. I don’t need another one!

  5. And people laughed at me in high school when I was reading Batman and X-Men stories by some schlub named Joeph Loeb (an executive producer/writer for “Lost,” “Heroes” and “Smallville.”)

    I wasn’t a geek. I was just waaaaaay ahead of the curve.

    “Journeyman,” by the way, has promise despite being a rip-off of “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” by Audry Neffinegger.

  6. We discovered last season that most networks post the episodes online the day after they air. That allowed me to catch up on LOST during kids’ naptimes. The bonus is that there are only a maximum of 2 minutes of commercials by the same sponsor for the entire episode.

    Makes it easy to keep up on my schedule without forking over extra money for DVR and/or cable/sat–I am a cheapskate, though I do love me some HGTV when I can get it:-)

  7. I admit it right here and right now, I miss out on most of these addictions. I just don’t get into tv like I used to. I watched LOST until fall of last year, then had to quit that silly thing. My sis tries to get me sucked into several others, but so far, to no avail. I’ve never seen Grey’s or Heroes or the Office or any that many people chat about.

    I wondered if Journeyman was going to be like Time Traveller’s, my son even said so after hearing me talk about that book and then seeing a preview. I still think I liked the book far better than I would enjoy a show about it.

    For me, just bring on football, 24/7!!

  8. You love Heroes!! Woo-Hoo!! I’m an addict. And, I have a crush on Sylar…help me!

    And, I am thrilled about the premiere episode of The Office….4 weeks of hour long episodes. I knew it wasn’t long enough 🙂

  9. What, no one has posted a comment to you about The Office??? Yes, I too wonder where PB&J will go on their first date! I love that show! It is the best thing on tv.

  10. I,too, was chomping at the bit for premiere week…and then realized I would be spending a large part of it writing my final paper for a course I’m finishing up.

    I, like Amy, watch a lot of the episodes online when I can so I can get caught up. Journeyman is one of my new favorites, too, I have to say. You may have to squeeze it into your watching schedule. Happy Viewing!!

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