My Normal


Jayedee over at Life in the Lost World has tagged me to answer one question: what is “normal”?

Far be it from me to define normality for anyone else, what with all the weirdos out there (of course, one never includes oneself in that category, which is, doubtless, the spirit behind this meme.) For me, though, being a stay-at-home mom has carved “normal” life into a shape that becomes more clearly defined as the years pass.

As of this moment, normal is:

–finding smears of kid funk (you know: that inevitable mixture of peanut butter, Crayola marker, glue, snot, apple juice, and dirt that oozes from the pores of anyone under ten) on every single article of clothing that I own.

–never leaving the apartment without my bag of tricks, a canvas tote full of fruit snacks, crayons, paper, and books.

–listening to the “All Video Games, All the Time” channel that streams endlessly from my daughter’s head.

–laughing at the same knock-knock joke four hundred seventeen times.

–buying Tillamook cheddar cheese in the five pound block.

–making up rules on an as-needed basis (“Never glue things to your brother’s head.” “If you have to touch a dead bird, use a stick, not your hand.” etc.)

–spending a couple of hours in front of the computer every morning, desperately sucking up input from the grown-up world.

–conducting phone calls in fits and starts, communications punctuated by the background noise of banshee yells, crashes, and dire threats of bodily harm.

–answering questions about volcanoes, drugs, and what really happens when you flush a rat down the toilet, all in the same conversation.

–accepting spontaneous declarations of love accompanied by gifts of crayon drawings and clover flowers.

–tiptoeing into my kids’ room every night to pray over them and watch them breathe for a while.

I know the day is coming, sooner than I wish, when I will have to redefine normal. But until then, I’m going to relish these days of thinking on my feet and learning as I go.

(By the way, that cheese isn’t all for me. Just so you know.)

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  1. I remember going in my girl’s rooms when they were younger to pray over them and watch them breathe. It was always such a special moment…I’m glad it is part of your normal.

  2. My normal is so different from yours and yet the same. Our normals all revolve around relishing the moment you are in, savoring it for what it is and knowing it will not always be the same. Understanding the power of happiness in the now I think is the key to understanding love and finding spiritual fulfillment.

  3. I love this post, Katrina. But you left off your adorable hubby as part of your normal – are you implying he’s NOT normal?!?! j/k

  4. stephanie–I haven’t, but it sounds like fun! I love any tour that ends with free samples…

    Amy–No, he’s not quite “normal”, which makes him a perfect fit for me!

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