My First Interview (and I’m Not Even Famous!)


Somehow, they find me.

The same way I find them, probably.

Stumbling over a familiar name, I follow virtual footprints across the web: old bulletin board posts, comments on other people’s web journals, long-abandoned pages on MySpace and Facebook. And soon, there is my long lost friend–a current email address, an active blog. Contact.

Not too long ago, an old pal from high school, Scott Garner, showed up in my comment section and we’ve been having fun getting reconnected. Scott has his own blog, which he describes as “pop culture, sports, beer, literature, zen, motorcycles, bad advice, photography, music, and occasional entertainment.” I can vouch for the entertainment, although I’ll admit that my attention drifts a bit when the discussion turns to sports. If they’re not on my fantasy football team, I don’t know who they are.

Anyway, Scott, in the fervor of rediscovered acquaintance and under the influence of a cloud of nostalgia, asked me to participate in a blog feature he calls “Meet the Faculty.” Basically, it’s a conversation between friends, but blog readers get to listen in. Our series of emails back and forth have been reconfigured in interview form and broken up into a series of blog posts.

You’ll find the first installment HERE.

I don’t promise to be witty, intelligent, or even comprehensible, but I can assure you I was long-winded.


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  1. What a great idea your friend had. I enjoyed your interview, and look forward to reading your friend’s great American novel someday.

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading Scott’s blog and having a few email exchanges with him. I’m really glad you consented to be interviewed. Your perspective elevates the quality of the Dean’s faculty. Did I read the end of the interview correctly? Is the interview continuing on Saturday? Hope so!

  3. This is why I love facebook– just two nights ago I had dinner with an old college friend. Which was good because he is a tech guy and was helpful when I bought a TV last night.

  4. My motto…”Facebook…it changes your life.” All Facebookers can quote me on their wall with proper attribution. 🙂

    Great interview!

  5. Yes, RP, you read it right. The interview continues on Saturday. Actually, we’ve already finished writing it, but it will have to be broken down into three or four parts for reading.

    I told you I was long-winded!

  6. It is so interesting to read your conversation with Scott. It’s so different from some of the conversations we have! 🙂 And that senior picture. Beautiful! What was Eli thinking? He missed out.

    I’m so glad I’m friends with such a wonderful and admired person.

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