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  1. I have a D-Reb, too. Most of my pictures are taken with it. You’ll love it, especially if you are graduating to it from a traditional SLR.

  2. We take a lot of pictures. When we had film, we hated developing only to throw half or more of them away. When we went to digital, we took successful pictures, but often missed moments due to camera delay. This thing meets those desires and more, is amazing, and will be aptly used by Katrina’s itchy trigger finger.

  3. hmmph! you ARE spoiled beyond words!
    (and i SO wanna be you! lol)
    *wipes drool off chin*
    happy birthday! i hope all your dreams come true!

  4. If for any reason you feel you don’t like this camera or get tired of it or want to go back to a disposible 35 mill.- I’ll give you my address and I will take it off your hands!!

  5. I love Love LOVE mine!!! There is nothing like a digital camera. Take a million, delete nearly a million, take a million more!!! Wooohooo – oh, and happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! I love my Canon. If you don’t already have it, I’m a big fan of PhotoShop Elements, which has the most awesome photo organizer in it — especially for a scrapbooker. Have fun.

  7. Oh, yes! I am LOVIN’ this thing!!!

    I have taken approximately a kazillion (that’s a kajillion with three more zeroes added onto the end) pictures with it already, and I’m still not tired of that really cool, heavy “click” that it makes as the shutter snaps.

    Maybe I’ll go photoquesting this weekend (I’ll combine it with one of Paul’s wardriving trips and we’ll make a family day out of it) so I can share a few with you on the blog. 🙂

    Mommy Dearest–Thanks for the software tip! That sounds perfect for me, as I’m going to have a LOT more photos to organize from now on. 😀

  8. Kat – first a belated Happy Birthday from your friend in Houston 🙂 Second, I found an awesome online scrapbook system that I love. Check out http://www.picaboo.com when you have a chance. I did a 45 page scrapbook of our trip to South Padre Island in 1 day; it costs $85 shipped, but it’s bound in leather and is beautiful. I figure that I would spend at least that much if I were a ‘REAL’ scrapbook-junkie, right? Anyway, a day to get it finished works into my busy life much easier than days or weeks (or probably months for me!).

    Have fun using your camera!

  9. Squeeeee! Yay for digital SLR’s! Oh how I love mine. I have a Nikon, but same difference, pretty much. It’s SO nice to be able to do what you want, limited (mostly) only by your own knowlege of how to set the silly thing!

    A very happy birthday (albeit beliated, but I was out of town – that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it!) to you! 🙂

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