Something New Every Day


*When your four year old comes up to you and asks, “Do you want to do some science with me?”, it may seem cute, but it probably has something to do with toilet water.

*It’s a good idea to revisit the lesson on proper tooth brushing procedure from time to time, or one day you will look closely at your daughter and realize that, although her two front teeth are nice and shiny, the ones in the back are covered with yellow fuzz.

*Never assume that your child isn’t listening to your conversation, unless you want to get stuck explaining “tubal ligation” to your eight year old.

*Don’t leave little boys unattended in the bathroom stall for too long, or you may open the door to find them blowing raspberries against the tile wall. (Scrubbing their lips with a wet paper towel, though utterly useless, will still make you feel a little better.)

*Uniqua is the only Backyardigan who isn’t a known animal. Pablo is a penguin, Tyrone is a moose, Tasha is a hippo, and Austin is a kangaroo, but nobody knows what Uniqua is–not even the show’s creators.

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  1. šŸ™‚ I was forced to give a brief explanation earlier this year myself about elective surgery to Andrew. Boy, they don’t miss a thing, do they??

    I can just picture Caleb enjoying the cold, smooth tiles with pursed lips. I’ll bet you were horrified but couldn’t help cracking a smile.
    Enjoy those cuties!

  2. I had to go online to search out what that Uniqua was. Now her name makes sense, she’s a completely unique animal. I wish my kids had the imagination of those little critters. They could have a ball in our backyard. I did find them in the new window wells in our side yard one day. When asked what they were doing they replied, “Hiding from the t-rex.” Forced to choose between nurturing their imaginations or not having to pay to replace a brand new window, I choose the later. Enter me once more into the “bad mommy” category.

  3. Thank you for sharing about the boys in the bathroom stall. I now have something new to worry about. Too funny, at least reading it was.

  4. Ahh. What we can learn from our children. šŸ™‚ You are right that they hear everything. We also learned that the hard way. And now that they are readers, we can’t even spell things in front of them.

  5. not that any of these things actually happened to you, right?! šŸ™‚ you just heard about these things thru other people’s kids…. šŸ™‚

  6. Hey, I’ll bet the tiles were cool to the touch, albeit the bathroom aspect isn’t that great.

    As a child I once licked the flocking off my grandparents wallpaper. I thought the texture was great. Mom was not amused.

  7. So true about kids and what they hear. We nearly got slammed by another car while parking once and H yelled out “Jesus!” Bella immediately corrected him, saying that Jesus is in our heart, not in that car.

    Fortunately she sees no need to lick bathroom walls. Hopefully that’s a boy thing.

  8. Is this like the time that we tried to avoid describing what pot was to the 8 year old of a friend after his dad was talking about taking a mission trip and when they were doing devotionals with the kids smelling something funny that was being smoked. Yeah, something like that.

  9. Oh my, Kels! That would be a sticky conversation! (Right up there with explaining “puberty” to Katie last year…)

  10. Ashley, welcome! Thanks for de-lurking! It’s neat to “bump” into another local online, especially an NIC student; if you email me your email address, I’ll drop you some information about our college-age Bible study we have every week. We’d love to have a new face there!

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