Over the Teeth and Through the Gums


The illustrious Sarah has tagged me with another meme, and about a subject that is near and dear to me–food. I actually have quite a bit to say on the matter, reams and reams worth, but the meme is very specific:

1. Name and link to the person who tagged you.
2. Name the state and country where you reside.
3. Name your five favorite local restaurants.
4. Tag others.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the most beautiful town in America, boasts several eating establishments of note, and narrowing them down to five is no easy task, but I’ll try anyway.

1. Hudson’s Hamburgers. No discussion of CDA eateries would be complete without mentioning Hudson’s. When I flew up to visit Paul the first summer we were dating, I was introduced to it with great pomp and ceremony. In business since 1907, Hudson’s is pretty much the same as it’s always been. The menu is simple: hamburger, double hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger; your only other decision has to do with pickles and onions. And the burgers? The best. Truly.

2. Takara. When I came back from Las Vegas with a new and fervent appreciation for sushi, my heart wept within me, for I knew of no restaurant in the city by the lake where one could lay hold of some tasty raw fish wrapped in seaweed and rice. Fortunately, some friends set me straight and turned me onto the path of enlightenment (also known as Lakeside Avenue, the address of Takara, where the fish is fresh and the edamame is perfectly steamed.) I could go for a rainbow roll right now, actually.

3. Tomato Street. If all they served was Tomato Basil Soup and their famous crusty garlic bread, Tomato Street would still be a haven of gustatory delight. But wait, there’s more! I’m sorry to say that the dishes at The Olive Garden are mere shadows and reflections of the savory pastas and golden-brown calzones of Tomato Street. And bonus: the servers wear silly hats, Christmas lights are strung up all year long, and kids are encouraged to color on the tablecloths.

4. Mongolian Grill. You’ve been here, right? Fill a bowl with raw meats and veggies, choose some sauces, and watch the talented chefs light it all up on giant hotplates. Food and entertainment in one! For a side game, play Who Can Stack the Most Stuff in Their Bowl. I kinda stink at that one.

5. Costco. Yeah. I know. Not exactly gourmet. But sometimes, a buck fifty for a hotdog and soda can go a long way toward making a bad day better. My favorite: the $3.79 chicken caesar salad–it’s the best fast food salad in town.

Now, let’s see…I think I’ll tag Jennifer, Amy, Shell, Sarah, and Jen with this one.


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  1. I can comment on three. Tomato Street: my whole family loves it. Costco: I could live on lattes. Hudson’s: you can keep it. The one time I went it was sort of like the Soup Nazi when we asked for fries. NO BURGER FOR YOU! Well, they did give us the burger, but acted like we were idiots for ordering fries. I’ll take a Red Robin burger over theirs any day and what’s a burger without fries?

  2. Heads up – Syringa’s on 4th Street has really good Sushi, too. It’s a small joint, but worth checking out to see if you like it. I loved it and can appreciate all your food choices.

  3. I agree about Costco. After meandering down the aisles for a couple of hours and getting a good workout pushing your heavy cart, nothing is better than a Costco meal!

  4. Costco has the BEST pizza. If I thought we could get a whole one back home to Moscow from the Clarkston Costco I would grab one on the way out the door when we get done shopping. Alas, it wouldn’t make it up the hill before I ravaged it, so I have to settle for a slice or two. Hubby likes their polish sausages and they are a great deal at $1.50 for one and a drink (and if he orders two, I get the extra drink hehehehehe).

  5. Is there a Qdoba in Idaho? Whew, if not, I pity you. It’s by far my favorite restaurant. I’m convinced there will be Qdobas and Starbucks in Heaven…

  6. You are the only person who has ever gotten me to eat raw fish. It was okay, but I prefer mine grilled. I agree with Mongolian Grill, Tomato Street and Costco though. I need to try Hudson’s again since the last time I was there my parents paid. 🙂 Thanks for tagging me. It was fun.

  7. Yikes! I was tagged forever ago and didn’t realize it until today. 🙂 I will get right to writing.
    I ate at a Tomato Street once and YUM…it was memorable.
    As for sushi…still haven’t tried it and not sure I want to. Is it REALLY that good??

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