Daily Archives: June 14, 2007

Adrenaline Rush


I love rollercoasters. Love them with the mad, passionate intensity of a runaway mine train. Love them like Beauty loves the Beast. Love them more than Superman loves the citizens of Metropolis.

For the true rollercoaster aficionado, Ohio is the place to be, boasting not one, but two of the world’s best amusement parks: Cedar Point and King’s Island.

However, Ohio being a few thousand miles away, our local Silverwood Theme Park was more than sufficient for a sweet, lazy Saturday of rollercoaster fun with my sister this past weekend.

As an employee incentive, Amber’s company offered her and her coworkers each two Silverwood tickets, and, knowing my fondness for screaming and waving my hands in the air, she asked me to accompany her. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It’s been a long time since I indulged my penchant for rollercoaster riding, since Paul and Katie are both decidedly fond of keeping their feet on the ground. I’m still holding out hope for Caleb, though. I spin him around in my arms and hold him upside down by the ankles at every opportunity, hoping to foster the sort of thrill-seeking nature that is absolutely necessary in a good rollercoaster riding partner. Only time will tell if there are Silverwood Season Passes in my future.

As for Amber and I, we rode every big ride at the park several times (avoiding only the terrifying ferris wheel), and racked up an impressive six-ride record on the park’s most popular attraction, Tremors, before collapsing, exhausted, into the car for the trip home.

I’m just really glad I didn’t read about this before we went.