We have a new dishwasher!

The stainless steel beauty of its front panel opens to reveal the pristine spaciousness of two deep dish racks, an easily removable silverware caddy, and a self-cleaning filter. (Side note: we could use more “self-cleaning” things around here.) With six different wash settings, spot-free rinse, and a heat dry cycle, it has revolutionized the functional efficiency of our entire kitchen.

Gone is the dinosaur that once stood in its place, and call me callous, but I don’t miss it. There was a basic communication breakdown between it and me. Silly me, I was laboring under the misapprehension that a “dishwasher” was meant to, you know, wash dishes. Instead, the washing was all done by me, prior to placing the dishes into the dishwasher. Stuck-on food had nothing to fear from the clumsy ministrations of our outdated appliance. And then there were the spots of soapy film still clinging to the glasses after the “rinse” cycle, making it look as if the whole top rack had been splattered with toothpaste. Still, we lived with it, dutifully pre-washing and post-rinsing every load of dishes, begging the question of why, exactly, we were using a dishwasher in the first place.

Then a wonderful thing happened.

The old dinosaur started leaking. First, it was just a few drops of water at the end of the rinse cycle. Then a little puddle. Then a pool. We even had to run a few loads with a towel tucked around the base of the washer to catch the runoff. It was time to call the landlord.

The day after we spoke to him, he came out to look at the offending machine. Thirty seconds later, he declared it a disaster, and reappeared the next morning with a replacement—a glorious technological wonder, the epitome of modern day dishwashing prowess.

Did I mention that it’s shiny?

Every so often, it’s nice to be a renter. (Now if I can just remember that the next time I go on an HGTV binge …)


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  1. I completely relate to your newfound joy. I once had a dishwasher that was on the 50% system. Only 50% of what I put in it came out clean.
    Enjoy the shiny!

  2. *sigh

    We just moved into a gorgeous house across the street from the beach that is much bigger and nicer than our old place. The only drawback? Yup, NO dishwasher…

  3. it is so wonderful to have appliances that WORK! (I have a self-cleaning oven that currently is on strike because the latch is apparently broken, so it won’t clean if it’s can’t lock). I wish there was someone I could call to fix it, but alas, it is upon my own shoulders, so it will have to wait.

    In the meantime, the smoke alarm is getting a work out. Good to know it works!

    (Congrats to you and your household – think of all the time you’ll have now! LOL!)

  4. Hmm, maybe my dishwasher is about to give up the ghost….it periodically drips at the bottom right corner of door. Not all the time, and my dishes are still cleaning, but now I’m ready to keep an eye on it.

    Congrats on your new dishwasher!

  5. Of my nearly twenty years of marriage, I have had a dishwasher for six. I was rather looking forward to having one again when we found our home that we are renting now. However, after we moved in, it took awhile for us to start using dishes. Then it took awhile for me to remember to buy dishwasher soap. Then after my first load did not get clean, it took awhile to have my husband look at it. So two and a half months after moving in, I finally go around to calling my landlord to let her know that it was not working. Well, she sent a repairman out to look at it and in the meantime finally got around to giving me our copy of our rental agreement. As I reread the document, I came upon the paragraph that states that the renters are allowed to use any appliances that are on the premises, but they are responsible for their maintenance. The next time that we spoke, she did not refer to the document, but she said that they had decided that they did not want to fix it. Oh, well, I know how to wash dishes. Despite this issue, I am enjoying renting because the house is just the perfect size and location for us right now, but we will be needing something different five years from now.

  6. Congrats on the dishwasher, Katrina! I’m assuming it actually cleans the dishes for you 😉

    Marci, that really stinks about the clause in your rental agreement. Hope nothing happens to any of the other appliances while you are living there!

  7. You know, I never really used the dishwasher in my last place. I did not see the need. I know, I know– why? At the new place there is this shiny, new dishwasher and I use it all the time (well, I live alone– so once a week) I love it. Of course, I’ve found that the better dishwashing soap I use the cleaner the dishes. Yeah, my cheapness had to suck it up and now my dishes are cleaner.

  8. For reasons such as this, we find renting to be a blessing! Every time something goes awry, I simply pick up the phone to contact the property manager. So far, nothing major has occurred, but we’ve had the upstairs bathroom faucets fixed due to a major leak (all over the sink), the upstairs bathtub faucets and piping replaced (the hot wouldn’t turn off all the way, and there was something inside of the wall causing the occasional leak through the ceiling about an inch from our TV), and an entire tree has been removed from our front yard! I love letting someone else spend their money on our house 🙂

    Congrats on the dishwasher Katrina!!!

    P.S. My mother always believed in hand washing the dishes first, then putting them into the dishwasher to be ‘sanitized’ 🙂 Unfortunately, that has stuck with me….

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