Well, the daily posts were fun while they lasted, but I’m going to have to take a breather, friends.

I have an acquaintance with a small business who needs some data transcription done, so for the next month or two, I’ve signed on to work a couple of hours a day for him. It’s something I can do from home that doesn’t cut into my time with my precious family. A real blessing. Unfortunately, it will cut into blogging time a bit.

So for the foreseeable future, my blogging frequency will return to its previous two or three times a week.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, my seventeen regular readers. However, I have no wish to leave you high and dry. If my meager offerings are insufficient to keep you supplied with stories about kid funk, strange encounters, married life, technophobia, office supplies, peanut butter, Savage Chickens, housekeeping, psycho dreams, and The Jim/Pam Situation, I suggest you get your fix at one or more of the following blogs:

The Reign of Ellen
Tales From My Tiny Kingdom
being 30something
A Butterfly Moment
Eliza Jane
Mommy Stories
Vexed in the City
I love this crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life
Chaotic Adventures, Life Lessons
The Far Side of the Ocean
Clearly Ridiculous
Way to Go, Kevin!
Living In Perfect Chaos
It’s News to Me!
Outside Oklahoma
Crazy Dust In My Coffee
Linguini on the Ceiling
Originality is SO Overrated
Queen Bee
Tongue in Cheek
kellogg bloggin’
Poop and Boogies
Chad Gardner–It’s Gardneriffic!
A Family Runs Through It
Gathering Around the Table
Silver Valley Stories
Ruminations and Reflections
Suburban Turmoil
Celebrate We Will
The Happy Homemaker
Hola, Isabel
Artisan Jewelry for Your Good Life
pink sneakers n’at

It’s not an exhaustive list, but it will keep you busy for a while. (And I’m so sorry if I missed someone! It’s just a mistake, I assure you. It doesn’t put a dent in my complete adoration of you, your writing, your quirky style, your delightful personality, and your boundless wisdom.)


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  1. I subscribe to 135 blogs through Google Reader, and it continually amazes me how prolific all of you are. So thanks for helping to lighten my reading burden.

    Actually, just between you and me, you are not the problem… Your posts are always a joy to read. But there are some moms and dads out there, to remain nameless, who need to ease up on the posts. Quality instead of quantity, you know.

    My secret to posts is to make mine just short enough so that nobody figures out that I have no writing ability.

  2. This is a great list. You’re so sweet to think of us– and keep us busy while you’re away from blog world. Happy Transcripting.

  3. Happy Transcripting and I just hope you carve out time to do any type of writing… perhaps like notes on a napkin.:) I agree with Phil… it is quality vs quantity. I’ll still check in, but not think a refrigerator has fallen on you or the computer crashed. Happy trails.

  4. dunno how i got at the top, but i like it up there!

    two or three posts weekly matches my blog-reading quite perfectly, actually!

  5. Thanks for the great list, and thanks for including me. I look forward to checking these blogs out. What a blessing to find some work to do at home. That is the best place to be, in my opinion. I do enjoy your writings, and look forward to reading your posts no matter how far apart they are. Bless you on this new adventure!

  6. Hello, i just happened upon you through aa weird chain of events involving Virginia Tech and just reading your profile made me cry, smile and chuckle.

    I wish you and your friend well as you tackle the work ahead and lookforward to reading the rest of your blog.

    I’d love to exchange links if you are interested, I’,m in Virginia, been to Idaho once, Sun Valley .

    Be Well,

    Sandra Eileen

  7. Thanks for including me! I’ve actually been awed and amazed by your quality output, as my humble self updates, perhaps, if I’m on the ball, once a week? Maybe? Hope you enjoy the work.

  8. Now listen here, Missy: You need to get your priorities straight. first you blog, then you do everything else.

    Do you have a doctor’s note?

  9. Thanks for the props, Katrina! And thanks for a WONDERFUL list of blogs. Just a thought…before you go off and transcript away, could you link this post in your links section? In case those of use want to revisit this over the course of time…

    You are the bomb, Katrina! And, I’ll try to survive without my daily dose…

  10. Thank you all for your support!

    Rose–Consider it done.

    Phil–Well, your strategy must be working, because I think very highly of your writing ability!

    Sisiggy–You’re right, of course! My priorities are violently out of whack. And no, I don’t have a doctor’s note, but I could have Paul write me an excuse like he used to do for my college classes. I only hope the extra money I bring in for the transcription will ease the pain of blogging withdrawal a bit…

  11. I like the idea of notes on a napkin–the reason most of William Carlos William’s poems are shortish is that he wrote them on prescription pads in between patients (he was a doctor.)

    Go and live! Work! Blogging is not the end all be all.

    Glad you like my delightful personality. I try…

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