Thinking? Me?


Many thanks to Shabby In the City for awarding me the much-coveted Thinking Blogger Award: Well, I was coveting it, at least, as I’ve been glimpsing it here and there on many of my favorite blogs, and hoping that someone, somewhere might decide that revelations about slimy fungus and potty training explosions qualify as “thought-provoking.” Or at least “nausea-inducing.” A reaction is a reaction, right?

Now comes the hard part. According to the Thinking Blogger Award acceptance guidelines, I have to pass the award on to five bloggers that make me think.

Seriously? Only five? That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child or to pick one kind of ice cream to have for the rest of my life! The list of bloggers that move me, delight me, frustrate me, and amuse me is epic. That’s why I don’t keep a blogroll; Blogger has a 300MB space limit.

However, for the purposes of giving away the gift that was so kindly given to me, here are five blogs that stand out in a crowd. They each, in their own way, enrich my thought life and give me a steady diet of new ideas to chew on.

1. Tales From My Tiny Kingdom–I’m pretty sure that Anne has already been endowed with this award. Possibly several times. But there is a reason for that, and thirty seconds after you click over to her impossibly entertaining blog, you will know what it is. I rarely read one of her posts without laughing out loud. Sometimes with snorting.

2. Poop and Boogies–If the name alone doesn’t scream “Thinking Blogger,” I don’t know what does. Seriously, the only thing I love more than a good mommy blog is a good daddy blog. And that is what this is. Enjoy!

3. kellogg bloggin’–Raymond Pert is a college professor. He teaches literature and writing. Each of his Three Beautiful Things posts is the blogging equivalent of a small handful of M&Ms. Quick, literary “tastes” that simultaneously satisfy and stir a craving for the rest of the story.

4. A Dress a Day–Erin loves dresses. She loves sewing them. She loves buying them. She loves accessorizing them. And most of all, she loves writing about them. Be sure to check out her amazing series, “Secret Lives of Dresses” in the sidebar. Delicious.

5. Huckleberries Online–I’ve never been very aware of local politics, or community identity, or the very unique and unexpected mix of individuals and attitudes that combine to give flavor to the region in which I’m living, moving, and raising my kids. Until HBO, that is. This newspaper-sponsored blog, moderated by hometown personality Dave Oliveria, has provided me with a window into all this, and more–a place to contribute my thoughts and perceptions, to be lifted up and shouted down, to open my eyes to the impact of small people and big ideas, and, very rarely, to vent my spleen. It’s rather nice. Most of the time.

There you have it, five thinking blogs from one thinking blogger.

And now, I think I’m done.


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  1. Ooooooh, some new stuff to read! Well, except for Poop & Boogies, I’ve been a fan of William’s for a while…and Raymond Pert as well – thanks to his comments here on your blog.

    You deserve it, Katrina, I always find something great when I visit 🙂

  2. Okay, I’ve whiled away too much time discovering new blogs…

    Off to think about things and maybe catalogue some books…


  3. I’m going to keep the Thinking Blog thread alive with nominations at my place. Thank you for the nomination. You are the among the most complex thinkers I read in this world of blogs. You surprise me again and again with how you think and what you have to say, whether here, in comments on my blog, or at HBO. If I were ever to try to predict what your comment were going to be on something, I couldn’t do it and I like that a lot about your writing and the way your conservative Christian mind works and your spirit responds to the world. Let me know if you’d like to know more.


  4. It is interesting to find that you are in a whole different ‘blog family’ than I am. I can’t wait to go check these out!
    When you say blogger has a limit…will a time come when we all lose our blogs due to space?

  5. I agree with my bro Raymond Pert. I always love to read about your thinking. I have appreciated your voice this last week on HBO. The other nice part of the Thinking Blog Award is I now have a whole new network of blogs to explore… I wonder if my students would miss me if I gave up my day job and did more blog reading :).

  6. I like your comments on #5. Well said. I come for the entertainment and occasional something to say, though I don’t have the eloquence of you or the wit of RSPA. Oh well, such is life. Thanks for your blog, I will continue to drop by.

  7. Thanks for the award! I’ve been doing sex talks and sporting events all weekend so have not been blogging OR reading and just now found out about this lovely honor.

    Many thanks!

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