Daily Archives: April 10, 2007

"A" For Effort


I had a parent-teacher conference last Friday with Katie’s wonderful second grade teacher. The news is mixed:

1. Katie is doing great in reading. Her comprehension skills are advanced, and her decoding skills reach well into middle school levels. Although I tried hard not to puff out my chest in motherly pride at this news of my offspring’s clear superiority, I failed utterly.

2. Katie is the apple of her math teacher’s eye. She’s the only second grader in her class and still manages to get the top score on nearly every test. More chest puffing ensued, though I wasn’t surprised at this bit of news. Katie likes math. It makes sense; not like people.

3. Judging from Katie’s many grudgingly completed writing samples and her conversation in class, her teacher can be excused for thinking that we let her play video games all day long, every day. For the record, this is not true. I explained to Mrs. M that Asperger’s kids are famously obsessive, fixating on one or two interests at a time to the exclusion of all others. They like to learn everything there is to know about a subject and talk about it constantly. That’s why some people call it “Little Professor Syndrome.”

4. Katie’s friendships are improving, an answer to prayers for which I thank God profusely! The same kids who used to “mother” her along are now relating to her more as a peer, and that’s a great sign of her emotional growth. Her teacher even had to chastise her for chattering with one of her friends during a quiet time in class the other day, a “problem” that fills me with delight! I think I’m happier about this than about all of the academic progress she has made.

Just as the conference was ending, Caleb reminded me that I still have a lot of teaching to do when he picked up Mrs. M’s apple, which was sitting right in front of her, and took a giant bite out of it! I was so embarrassed.

But he wasn’t.

Good thing I’m not being graded on the little one yet.