Daily Archives: March 20, 2007



Spring has sprung upon North Idaho at last.

The evidence was all around me today while Caleb and I celebrated the sweet turn of the weather with a nice, long walk. I did the actual walking. Caleb rode along in the purple jogger stroller; this is the last year he’ll be able to fit into it without his long legs dragging on the ground, and the last year I’ll be able to turn up my iPod and escape into the streets around our home to walk and think and walk and think, until I look around and realize I don’t know where I am.

Today, while my feet were busy, I had the best conversation with God. He explained a few things I’ve been wondering about, and listened while I rambled on about this and that. He felt so close today, and that is a gift when it happens.

Today the breeze lifted my hair off of my neck, an absolutely delicious sensation, if a little forward. It filled up the canopy on the stroller like a sail, and carried the last of the winter grit down the streets before it.

Today I saw ants scurrying around underfoot, someone’s garden greens peering up through the freshly turned soil, and the sun. The sun! I’ve missed it, and today I could absolutely smell it warming the earth, and me.

Today may not have been the official first day of Spring, but it was mine.