Music Minute


My sister, Amber, introduced me to the rock group Red last month, blasting this song through me with her car speakers while we were out driving around town. (I believe we had actual errands to accomplish, lest you imagine we were cruising up and down Sherman like a couple of teenagers, two grown women hanging out of our open windows yelling at passersby while the thumping bass line of this song mercilessly crushed all weaker-kneed musical opposition.)

I loved it immediately.

Red hasn’t been on the scene very long. In fact, End of Silence is their first nationally released album. This week I finally got a chance to listen to the whole thing when Amber loaned it to me, and I think I’m going to have to buy my own copy.

Red says it best on their website: “The songs on End of Silence deconstruct struggles that listeners face, while painting a picture of redemption in the midst of brokenness.”

In addition to “Breathe Into Me”, I especially love “Pieces”, “Lost”, and “Already Over.” (You can listen to “Already Over” on the player at

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  1. oooh, I’ll have to check this out when I am home (with speakers!) I’m always looking for new good music!! (And a vote of confidence from you goes a very long way in my book!)

  2. Go figure – I like them too 🙂 I should have just gone right out to buy the album without even watching the video and hearing it! If you like ’em, I’m bound to like ’em too, right?!?

  3. Ok, so we bought the album yesterday off of iTunes, burned it to CD, then went to Best Buy and purchased a new stereo/CD player for my van! It’s old (my van) and only had a tape deck. We were going to buy an iPod adapter so that we could use the iPod in the car (especially on trips), but I somehow managed to reason with Michael that for only a little bit more, I could get a whole new stereo with an auxillary connection for the iPod. So, $200 later….

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