Daily Archives: March 9, 2007

Later, Alligator


I will be absent from the blog for a few days, my friends. Paul and I are off to Seattle tomorrow for a weekend in celebration of our anniversary. We’re taking the kids with us, so it’s not exactly a second honeymoon (or fourth, or fifth, or whichever one we’re on now), but I think they’re going to love the Science Center and the boat tour and the Space Needle. Don’t worry–I’ll keep a close eye on Caleb while we’re at the Pike Street fish sellers to make sure he doesn’t accidentally get scooped up and lobbed through the air like a giant cod.

Thank you all for your sweet comments and good wishes on my entry yesterday. You’re simply wonderful.

Until soon,

p.s. A prayer for our safe travel and some good family time would be much appreciated, if you can find a minute. Thank you!