Move Over, José Eber


Caleb just burst into my room with a toy jackhammer in one hand and a plastic axe in the other and commanded,

“Sit still, Mommy! I’m going to comb your hair!”

Apparently he’s familiar with my hair’s rebellious streak.

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  1. Aren’t kids the best! I was putting my toddler down for a nap today, and she said “nite nite, daddy” for the first time! Awwww!

  2. Your Wordsworth blog did not ramble.
    Most of the CS Lewis I read was in college (yikes….31 years ago..I graduated…from Whitworth College!)

    I can’t remember if I read Surprised by Joy…it’s hard to remember what I read and what I heard talked about..Lewis was HUGE at Whitworth in those days.

    btw, did you see my blog dedicated to the future of Caleb…be sure to come back over and check it out if you missed it!


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