I Got Rhythm, I Got Music


Okay, so it was too cute not to share. Thanks to YouTube, I can now present to you:

The Caleb Dance!

(Please rotate your head 90 degrees counterclockwise for full viewing satisfaction.)


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  1. Oh, NOOOOOOO! I totally missed it! Drat, drat, drat.

    How did it go? What did he say? Did he wear his Spartan armor out on stage? If it’s not too much trouble, could you please reenact the entire interview for me, with Scottish accent?

    LOL…thanks for the heads up, Jessi!

  2. I think within a week the Caleb Dance will be the sensation of YouTube and will be performed by joyous children at daycares and elementary schools across the nation and that you are going to have to budget some time within a month to appear on the Today Show and explain to Meredith how you plan to help Caleb keep his values intact and maintain his humbleness and eyes on the Kingdom of God when his life has been so disrupted by endorsement offers, a movie contract, fame among his peers around the world, and all the ice cream he can eat, just because of one eleven second spot posted sideways on YouTube.

    Good luck, Katrina. It will be a fun ride, but you’ll have your work cut out for you.

    Btw, when the Today Show gig comes round, I’ll have my mother videotape it in Kellogg so I can see how you and Meredith hit it off. I’m sorry it won’t be Matt you’ll be interviewed by…he’ll be doing a Passover/Easter story in Jerusalem…..


  3. Queen B and Jules–We got the hat when Katie had Cat in the Hat Week in kindergarten! I don’t remember where we bought it, which means it was probably Walmart. 🙂

    Raymond–You are hilarious! I enjoyed this comment even more than my video…lol! (Don’t worry–I plan to have Caleb do lots of work around the house, to keep him grounded.)

  4. btw, Marmite might help oil Caleb’s joints and help his dancing…which reminds me that I think I let eight minutes pass just now without writing the word Marmite…

    anyway, I went on a Marmite safari Thursday night, not knowing where to find it…at our local chain called Market of Choice, it was shelved in and among the mustard….so I don’t know if you are an Alberton’s gal or a Fred Meyer gal or a Safeway gal, or just what kind of supermarket gal you are, but, if you go on Marmite safari, I recommend the mustard section…I didn’t think of Wal-Mart…you know, they should introduce Marmite and announce that it will be available at midnight as Easter Sunday becomes Monday…and people would begin camping outside Wal-Mart as soon as services were over and Wal-Mart could serve Easter ham to the customers in the line and they could keep reassuring local radio stations and HBO that there will be enough Marmite for everyone, but two’s the limit…

    Good luck…this is just to say that a Marmite Safari might make a cool live blog on your new highly portable laptop…

  5. I loved the video and am also impressed you got it on You Tube. I need to figure out the whole You Tube thing. Thank goodness I work with 13-year-old kids every day. After the eye rolling and ribbing about what a techie nerd I am they are always very helpful. ( as some others would say….”brown nosers.”)lol

  6. OH MY GOSH!! This is hysterical!! (As is Raymond’s first post – I’m lost on the marmite thing) I don’t know how Caleb stayed standing during that whole head rolling thing!! Isn’t he top heavy with that hat!? I LOVE IT!!

    See you on the Today Show!

  7. Wow, Caleb has a TON of energy! And really good balance. lol This is too cute!

    I also love raymond pert’s post. I’m hoping to see it, though, on GMA’s YouTube Videos of the Week. It runs every Wednesday. 🙂

  8. Ah, to be young and wear a green and white striped tall hat and turn in circles so fast yet not fall down or throw up…
    Thanks for sharing this slice of youth!

  9. Soooo cute. My head got dizzy just watching him. 🙂 I am inspired to video Andrew now doing his version of breakdancing (yes, I’m serious) and post it on my blog. We’ll see if I am too computer challenged, though!

  10. he was great. Nervous and pretty funny and a pretty good interviewer. He was pretty taken with Queen Latifah, though. I think you may have some competition.

    I’m super excited about this movie, although I have to say that it’ll be hard for him to top the Stranger in Dear Frankie.

    That’s my favorite.

    Have fun in Seattle. I love the Science Museum – especially the butterfly room and the giant furniture.

    If you get a chance, give the kids and the husband the slip and wander around Anthropologie for an hour.

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