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  1. Loads of laundry washed and dried: 17

    Loads of laundry folded: 0

    Time left for blogging: -120 minutes (shoulda gone to bed two hours ago)

  2. 13 loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded is great. But for me the real question would be: is the clean, dry, folded laundry put away in drawers and closets? Or is it still sitting around the laundry room and bedroom?

    I’m so lazy about that last step.

  3. Geez. That is a crazy amount of laundry. When you finish do you make everyone walk around naked so that they cannot get anything else dirty? After that much laundry, I just might.

  4. Wow. I’ve had those days. I am very tempted to make everyone wear the same clothes for awhile so there won’t be any more, but…I never do. It is so sad that only a short time later there will be a new pile growing…

  5. Holy smokes, THIRTEEN LOADS!?! I’d have to wash all our clothes, bedding, slip covers and pets (separately) to get anywhere near 13 loads!! Wow. All of a sudden, I LOVE my family of two!! LOL

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