A Rare Sight


These are for Jessi, who commented:


After: (Although I wouldn’t exactly call it “pristine,” this is as good as it gets, chickie.)

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  1. Hey Katrina, that banging you heard from your washer…I think it was your stroller. It seems to have disappeared with the massive mound of clothes.

  2. Ahhh–thanks for clearing that up for me, Sarah! I wondered where that infernal racket was coming from!

    (Okay, you caught me. I didn’t have a proper “before” picture from this particular laundry folding fiesta, so I used the one from my previous laundry-related post. It was virtually identical, anyway…lol!)

  3. I haven’t seen my laundry room floor in months. But when I do make it to the bottom of the pile, I’m sure it will be like I suddenly have a “new” wardrobe.

  4. Oh, the sisterhood and brotherhood of the never ending job of getting the laundry done. In fact, I had a friend call me the other day, wondering how I liked my new front loading washer and dryer, because she was thinking about purchasing a pair. “I don’t really need a new set,” she said. “It is just that I have so much laundry I thought if I got a bigger washer and dryer, my laundry would get done quicker.” I hate to tell her, but I think it is like getting a bigger house. The more space you have, you will fill it up. I am currently almost finding the bottom of the laundry room (yes, a laundry room is quite a luxury) but I keep finding more dirty clothes around the house. Yes, a never ending job. You mean some people actually fold and put their clothes away? I thought digging through a laundry basket of clean clothes was the only way to go!!lol

  5. Oh my lord. I have a laundry room, sorta. It’s the utility closet, but it’s right off the kitchen and I’m in and out of it every day (pet food, paper bags, whatnot) so if the basket is full I stop and put in a load. But, then, I have a life that occasionally stops and waits for me to do something, which I know, most parents do not. That mound? THAT would drive me insane. LOVE the clean fresh look!!

  6. Wow. Others might have quit at 5, maybe 10. But not you, Katrina. Not you. lol


    P.S. I think you could run a marathon now, with that dedication.

  7. That’s not pristine? It’ll do for me!

    (says the woman who has way too many loads to do for a single person!!)

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