If You Don’t Watch "The Office", Skip This Post


Point One: All I can say is that I knew that New Roy was not, in fact, new at all, but a hopelessly dyed-in-the-wool Old Roy clothed in a very thin veneer of get-Pam-back-by-temporarily-acting-like-a-good-boyfriend-ness.

So while it’s worrisome to think that Roy might take his frustrations out on Jim, it’s definitely a good thing that Pam got a peek at his massive anger management issues before it was too late and she’d already done something stupid like buying the whole cow…errrr, bull….again. This time, he broke a mirror. Next time–well, thankfully, there won’t be a next time.

Point Two: Jan needs professional help.


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  1. Not only anger management issues, but he lies as well. I’ll have to admit that I was buying his heartbrokeness. It was the middle of the night when I rewound the show in my mind (after I first watched it I was immediately consumed with Grey’s) I caught the part about his brother paying off the bar with all of the jet ski money. What?! He was supposed to have tanked that deal. Big, fat liar.

    And Jan is so terribly lonely. And desperate. and insane. and a slow-learner.

  2. This show is perfectly written for uncomfortable moments. My husband and I watch this laughing and wincing, often at the same time.

    We do NOT miss The Office or 30 Rock. Thursday is my fave TV day!

  3. I totally agree with the fact that Pam and Jim should be together but, in Roy’s defense, Pam was keeping a secret too and he was understandably upset that Jim kissed his, at the time, fiance. Roy didn’t need to get out of control but does anyone see my point?

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