Daughter, Dreamer


a comet hurtling
through my universe
with hair on fire,
burning with the heat
of a thousand thoughts
a thousand thousand
wonderings and wanderings.
Decorated in
and plastic barrettes,
you dance across my visions,
and I see all womanhood,
yours, mine,
in the sparkle of green eyes.
Delight in it,
spin around with arms outstretched
to catch it,
fold it over and hold it gently
within yourself.


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  1. p.s. I forward this poem to my mom and this is what she had to say:

    “she captured the spirit and zest and delight of the girl/woman/child/mother/ combo plate. I enjoyed it immensly. You should enter that into some contest somewhere for her – it is perfectly correct and imaginative and does indeed catch the bliss of watching a daughter grow.

    I read some of her other blogs as well, she is a special young woman who values the most important things. Lucky girl.

    I love you, thanks for sharing.



  2. Courtney–Thanks so much for forwarding your mom’s comments! They made my day! 😀 It sounds like you two are blessed with a wonderful mother/daughter bond, too.

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