Morning Drop Off


I keep waiting, but it never gets any easier to drop Katie off at school in the mornings. My chest always tightens a little bit when she gets out of the car and runs off to join her class as they stream into the building.

To cope with the stress of letting her out of my sight, I do the same things every morning. After dropping Paul off at work, I drive her to school. On the way, I pray for a good and safe day for both Katie and her dad. Depending on the clock, I often drive a rather circuitous route around town, calculated to time our arrival at Katie’s school for the exact moment that the bell rings for the children to line up for class.

We say our goodbyes and our “I love you”s and then the car door slams and she’s off into the wide world of elementary school. I always wait to watch her walk into the building, not content until that moment when I see her teacher actually greet her and usher her through the door. That way, I know that she knows that Katie is present, and I don’t have to worry about coming to get her in the afternoon and hearing that she never showed up for school.

And yes, that’s the sort of thing I worry about, because I watch too much CSI.

Neurotic, aren’t I?


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  1. See, I think that’s just sensible. I’m with you – there is way too much scary stuff out there, and you don’t have to watch CSI to know about it. I didn’t consider that part of Kindgergarten. You mean you don’t walk the kids to the classroom? Oh crap.
    Whole new problem to worry about.

  2. You are definitely not neurotic. It’s just the way of our world today. I do the same thing. When my youngest turned 7 last week and I started to walk into the school with him like I always do, he stopped me at the entrance gate and informed me that since he was 7 now, I no longer had to walk him all the way into the school. My heart cracked a teeny, tiny bit when he said that. But, I will still continue to wait at the gate until he’s all the way inside the school. We can NEVER be too careful.

  3. I don’t think it’s neurotic, I think it’s sweet. I have 3 kids in school, I just say bye and go on my way. Cold, huh?

  4. Awww! I do the same thing, only…when they jump out of the car and I try to wait till they get inside? Yeah, the lady who directs the flow of traffic gives me the evil eye for holding up the line. So, I drive reeeeeeeeally slow so I can watch them as long as possible. I’m sure I piss off the drivers behind me, but those are my babies disappearing into the school over there! I SO get you.

  5. My oldest is not in school yet, but it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t get easier to drop her off! I knew it would be hard in the beginning. There are so many things with kids that are so hard because we love them so much!

  6. I dread when my girls HAVE to go to school. The six weeks that Bella made it through pre-school were so hard!! I am selfish and glad she wasn’t ready!

    Ever seen the video The Secret? Yes, it was on Oprah, but my husband had me watch it. I recommend it to everyone. Really makes you think!

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