Fields of Gold


If Paul and I have a song, this is it.

Before we were an “us”, we walked and talked of far away plans and snips of memories and favorite everythings. How could we not touch on the musical genius that is Sting?

He begged me to borrow this CD*, to listen to this song.

I did, and I guess that’s where it all began.

After that, it wove its way all through our romance–copied onto mix tapes and played on jukeboxes, it was the starring track of our wedding music CD.

More than ten years later, this is what love sounds like to me.

*Ten Summoners’ Tales


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  1. I love this song, too. He sang this song on Studio 60 this year, a really cool, accoustic version. I’m not sure where it’s available, but it was awesome! It doesn’t get any better, I’m convinced.

    Someday, you and Paul will forever be walking in fields (streets) of gold – that is the best relationship!

  2. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful this song is. It’s been too long since I listened to it.

    I actually got excited about the Grammy Awards this weekend when I heard The Police would be performing together again. I haven’t paid attention to those music awards shows for 20 years.

  3. Amy–What a wonderful thought, walking forever in fields of gold! I can’t wait for that day, when this world washes away like watercolors. Thank you for reminding me to look forward to it!

    Q. Bee–Yes, we did have this song on our wedding CD, the one we made to be played at the reception.

    Phil–Yes, I heard that, too! Paul and I did a little joy jig. The Police are awesome!

  4. It is one of our songs too.

    Of course, at the moment, I would like to beat El Capitan over the head with my stereo while it plays this song and see if he still finds it charming and romantic.

    But then, I am an evilish type, versus you, who are pure and good, and how much can you expect from me, really?

  5. Karyn, you make me laugh! You are my favorite “evilish” person. I suspect that you are actually just a little more transparent than the rest of us, who carefully arrange our emotional furniture for public inspection. Your writing is like a breath of fresh air. Or a lot of wind. Or something. 😉

  6. I hope you watched the Office last night…as they played Fields of Gold….as Pam watched Jim dancing with Karen….I thought of you!

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