You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Potty!


The good news: Caleb is starting to use the potty fairly regularly, even without reminders.

The bad news: He has discovered the hidden power of the phrase “I have to go potty!” and is abusing it with regularity, using it to extend his bedtime, to get out of sitting still and quiet in church services, and to escape from the shopping cart when he’s tired of the child safety seat.

It’s a trade-off, to be sure, but one that I gladly accept in exchange for my youngest child taking responsibility for the management of his own bodily functions.

Goodbye, diapers! Adieu, PullUps! It’s been…absorbing.


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  1. It never fails that when we’re out to eat, and the food is brought, I cut all of the kid’s food and prepare their plates, grab my fork, then…Mommy, I need to potty! Uugghh!! Morgann is the culprit and it drives me crazy!!! She’s 4 now, so many times I say “Honey, you’re going to wait because I’m hungry”, but every now and then I get that “but I can’t!”. We’ve even tried going potty before the comes, but it’s always after it’s on the table that her bladder suddenly fills up!

    Congrats on the new problem 🙂 I’m ready for Ian to be there.

  2. oooh they are such quick learners when they want to be, aren’t they? At least you can hear the ka-ching sound in your head each time he says it (true or not) as you’re saving all that $$ on diapers and pull-ups!!

  3. I still use this hidden power. It’s been over 50 years since I was potty trained. Sometimes I want out of church and need to excuse myself from a boring conversation.

  4. Hooray for the potty-trained child! Just reading your and other Mother’s accounts have given me a whole new respect for my own mother, who had to use cloth diapers as Younger Bro and I had an allergic reaction to disposables. I think I’ll call her tonight and let her know just how much I appreciate her hard work.

    It pays off every day.

  5. Kids are always looking for a way to extend bed time. I have to say– I don’t get that. I so look forward to bed time.

  6. I’m currently trying to potty train my two and a half year old boy. I aspire to your greatness. I can’t wait until I no longer have to change a bazillion diapers a day! Congratulations!

  7. Last night I was on the phone with my Mom and I wanted Goo to tell her hi. I give her the phone and she just says: I pooping. So I rush her to the toilet and she’s already done and we just end up with a real mess since I pull off the diaper in the middle of the transaction. We’re making a lot of messes, but progress, too. Good luck!

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