Make Some Noise!


January 18th is National Crank Up the Stereo Day, people! I hope you celebrated in style. I, myself, contributed to the world’s musical education with the latest Thousand Foot Krutch album and a tasteful selection of eighties classic rock.

There’s still forty-five minutes left. Go out there and multiply the beat!

Happy Crank Up the Stereo Day, from me to you.


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  1. I think that is one of the things I miss most about living in the states pre-children. We usually take taxis to get everywhere here, and even in the states after Nathan was born I didn’t crank up the stereo. But oh to relive the glory, driving by myself, getting to pick out whatever I wanted to listen to and cranking it up until the seat under my booty in the jeep was shaking to the beat πŸ™‚ thank you for reminding me of fun times!

  2. Drat, missed it! That’s what I get for being behind on my blog reading!!

    Btw, asked you a question about Wednesday’s post…

  3. Laura–Definitely! I’ve loved cranking up the stereo since the day I got my license!

    Jennboree–ROTFL! I think my son got the same memo.

    Queen Bee–I almost missed it, too! Fortunately, American Greetings keeps me up to date on all of these important holidays. And I answered your question about “taking a knee” back at the other thread. πŸ™‚

  4. I blasted out some Veggie Rocks. (It was Kat’s day to pick the music). You should check it out. Superchick sings The Water Buffallo song!

  5. How does everyone find out about all these random things?

    National De-Lurking Week. NaBloPoMo (were those even the right letters?). Dress Like a Pirate Day.

    Those aren’t on my calendar!!!

    I’m so out of the loop. 😦

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