Yet Another Superhero Post


In an overwhelming spasm of affection mixed with a small feeling of wifely duty, when Paul asked me to play Marvel: Ulimate Alliance with him tonight, I agreed.

In this beat-’em-up PC game, players transform themselves into Marvel superheroes and run, fly, or crawl around with their super teammates fighting the Masters of Evil, a consortium of the worst villains around, led by Dr. Doom. To make a long story short, the good guys beat the bad guys and thwart all their sinister plots to blow up the Earth, poison the city’s water supply, unleash a dragon on the Omega Air Base, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Paul, being a gentleman, let me take first pick of all the superheroes. I chose Spider-Woman. Why? She flies. She zaps miscreants with giant energy bolts from her hands. She kicks high. Usually.

When I was playing Spider-Woman, she flew into walls. Her energy bolts zinged harmlessly off into the air, often in the direction exactly opposite from the bad guy. She kicked boxes, empty barrels, and her super teammates (good thing they have Super Patience.)

I couldn’t believe playing with me and my clumsy Spider-Woman could be fun for Paul (who I suspect was born with a Nintendo controller in his hand), but every time I looked over at him, he had this big grin on his face, like he was having the time of his life.

That’s either real love, or a huge joke at my expense.

It better be love, or Spider-Woman and I are going on a rampage.

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  1. While the Zap-wall to Zap-evilgoon ratio might have been 2:1, I wasn’t joking. It was fun. You might want to talk to Thor about his cheesy one-liners, though. He could learn a thing or two from a verbal pro. “You DARE strike the son of Odin?!?” C’mon! Surely Asgard can pump out better talent that THAT. (I just revealed how much of a geek I truly am, didn’t I?)

  2. But just think of what you’ll be able to say when the grandkids ask, “So what did you and Grandpa used to do for fun?” With every box you kicked and every wall you flew into, you were making memories with the one you love. 🙂

  3. I’m with Ally – that big grin was probably a bit of each. If it helps, I am hopeless, completely hopeless, at those things.

  4. Hubby and I used to play video games together while dating. I used to kick his butt on a regular basis when playing Mortal Kombat 🙂 He would always try the ‘moves’ while I would just randomly push buttons and move the joystick around in every different direction. As a married couple, we haven’t played a game together in years, but while he was up until 1AM playing Viva Pinata on the 360, and I was deeply engrossed in the lives of the character in my book, I had to laugh and wonder what exactly was so enthralling about that game? So, maybe this weekend I’ll stay up late with him and let him ‘show me the ropes’.

    As for the game you & Paul played, I’d love to get a review from you. My 7 year old has said he’d like to buy it for the 360, but because of the rating, and the fact that I know nothing about the game, I haven’t yet relented. Would you mind giving me your opinion of whether or not it’s ‘over the top violent’ or language would be too much for a 7 year old game junkie that plays war games and WOW with his daddy? We already have a different Marvel game for the old Xbox, so I’m wondering if it’s any different?

    Feel free to email me directly at 🙂

  5. Ahh, geeks in love….that’s just precious! I’m horrible at those things. I think I’d be better with the new WII because the control is normal body movement…not that I shoot webs regularly, but you know what I mean. 😉

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