Remember how I resolved to blog every day?

I’ve been thinking…

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m quite attached to my family. And weekends are sort of our family time. Time for reading together, and playing, and dirtying every single dish we own in the process of turning out two tiny saucer-sized cakes in Katie’s Easy Bake Oven. Time for napping, and singing, and destroying Thrall, the evil orc warlord of Ogrimmar in World of Warcraft.

You know, family time.

So I think I’m going to amend my resolution. Let it be known that I, Katrina of Notes on a Napkin, do hereby resolve, from this day forward, to blog every weekday.

After all, I’m a stay-at-home mom. What else would I be doing besides watching soap operas and knocking back bon-bons all day?*

*In case you don’t recognize it, that was sarcasm.


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  1. I can only find time to blog during the daytime when I am eating bonbons and watching soaps (while my children are chained to the other television). Evenings and weekends are divided between spending “family time” together with my husband and children OR spending more time with said children while husband plays World of Warcraft. I am beginning to hate World of Warcraft.

  2. How I miss my days of soap operas and bon bons 😉 We actually declared this weekend a “home vacation.” We ignored the phone, did a lot of family stuff together, watched movies together, played games and we splurged on food, just like we would have on actual vacation. And I didn’t blog once …

  3. I blog mostly when I am at work. When its my rest day, I find it hard to find time to blog.

    So go on! Blog 5x a week. That would be enough. I think.

  4. I think you need to specify if you intend any loopholes — like, y’know, weekdays that are holidays, or school is out, or …

  5. I miss my carefree days of sleeping in and watching soaps and eating bonbons…except replace “carefree” and “sleeping in” with “stressful/hectic/chaotic” and replace “watching soaps and eating bonbons” with “running errands/cleaning house/carrying kids to various extracurricular activities”. Yeah, I miss it so much. No sarcasm, as strange as it sounds, I miss it so.

  6. Good for you! Weekends are for enjoying! (And that means I’ll have less catching up to do on Monday!) 🙂

    After all, what are you going to blog about if you spend all your time blogging?

  7. Family time is precious at our house, too. With my husband’s 14 jobs, (okay, he only has 3), those times are few and far between. I completely understand your need for every moment possible. By the way, what are Luke and Laura up to these days? (Those are the only soap characters I know!)

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