Cup Size and Caliber


If only she’d had Princess Leia’s brass bikini, she might have been able to deflect the bullet altogether.

Think about that next time you’re lingerie shopping.


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  1. This would be part of any good super-heroine’s costume.

    Madam Bustier, with her Bullet Bouncing Bosoms!

    My wife Carolyn and I love your blog.

  2. Wow. Who knew my bra was so multi-functional!

    It always amazes me when people shoot a gun into the air “in celebration of..”. Last I checked, gravity is still a big player here on Earth.

  3. When did this happen to us? I distinctly remember buying lingerie at Victoria’s Secret with my paycheck and it doesn’t SEEM like it was all that long ago. The Emma Bra with underwire was my favorite. I had it in peach, pink, black, white, beige. I think The Emma Bra might now contain MOST of the flesh from of one of my batwing arms.

    I need to find the kleenex and some chocolate now.

  4. wow. A global tracking device, pocket for pepper spray, and special bullet delfecting powers. Now THAT’S an undergarment!

  5. Greg–Hello! It’s so good to hear from you, and I’m so glad you guys are enjoying my blog. 😀 (What a great warm fuzzy!) Do you mind if I co-opt the super hero name you came up with? Madame Bustier sounds fierce, and I would so love to be feared for my terrifying (but somehow still delightfully feminine) powers.

    Jenn–Good point! I thought everyone was familiar with the “what goes up” principle, but I guess not.

    Queen Bee–Most assuredly! That’s a family story that will live on.

    Karyn–Hahaha! So very true. If the bra of our youth is called Emma, then perhaps VS should design one for our later years. They could call it Maude. Pass the chocolate.

    Jennifer–Amen! But don’t you just love that moment at the end of the day when it comes off? To quote William Wallace, “FREEEEEDOMMMMMMM!”

    Hillary–I was impressed, as well. If only I’d found this article before I made my Christmas wish list…

  6. Bras are getting more multi-functional all the time. Remember the pogey bait bra? One of Spange’s more practical ideas!

  7. Kathy–Oh, yes! I loved that one. I was also a fan of the Chick Flick bra, with the pack of kleenex tucked into it.

    I demand that my underwear be both beautiful and functional!

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