Bouncing Blessings


Today, about halfway through my post-Christmas To Do List, I finally bought a collage frame for all the photos of our brothers’ and sisters’ children that we have received over the holidays.

I love having all the pictures together like this. I can look over them and see pieces of my beloved son and daughter mirrored in their cousins’ faces–that distinctive nose, that stubborn tilt of the chin, those big, soulful eyes. I can close my eyes and imagine looking at these same photos ten years from now, when these captured moments of softly curved childhood will be even more precious, and I sigh, resolving again to be thankful for the minutes ticking by so quickly, even with their petty irritations and crazy-making worries.

I hope I always remember how very blessed we are.


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  1. That’s a wonderful idea! And, gives me an idea…I should take all the “picture” Christmas Cards I get and make a collage for each year. Since I don’t have nieces, nephews or children of my own….

    I love those picture cards, btw!

  2. I too am a ‘collage-loving’ mommy! Although, since my kiddos are the only ones on both sides of the family (so far) my collages are full of my kiddos. My oldest son’s has the most baby pictures, while my daughters is more progressive (meaning baby through toddler), and then there is the youngest’s which happens to have only 2 pictures so far. I like to blame it on being digital now (versus having a regular camera when Alex was a baby, being forced to have them ‘developed’ to see what special moments I may or may not have captured). I keep saying that I’ll sit down and sift through 2 years of digital photos so that I can finally print them, but then…well, it just hasn’t happened yet. But, I digress…I do love collage frames 🙂

  3. What a great idea, have you done it every year? I took all our picture cards and wallet photos and did that once. I meant to do it every year, but haven’t gotten that far yet. Now all the pics are packed, so I have a good excuse.

  4. No, I don’t do it every year. I usually scrapbook the photos right away, but this year I decided we needed more pictures of extended family around, especially since we all live so far apart!

    I might just use the same frame every year–scrapbook the old photos and make room for the new ones?

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