Frustration is receiving an invitation to play in the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade closed beta and not being able to get in due to technical complications.

*Katrina covers her face and weeps softly into her hands*

I’ll ask Paul to work on it tonight, but by that time, the emotional scarring may be irreparable.

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  1. Jessi–Yes! It’s like both of those things (and definitely not ironic, just aggravating!)

    Shell–Thank you! I think I’m going to be all right. šŸ˜‰ They issued a patch correction, so all is well!

    Melanie–Greetings! I hope you’re enjoying the snow today; I’m loving just watching it fall and fall and fall outside my window. How blessed we are to live in the city by the lake!

  2. Bishop–How fun! I have a toon on Garona that I don’t play anymore (can’t help it–have become addicted to PvP server) and a sixty druid and a few other characters on Dethecus. I also have a troll shaman on Gurubashi, but I’m looking forward to playing an Alliance shaman when the expansion comes out.

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