It was the usual swish and rustle of best dresses and uncomfortable ties as the students of Katie’s elementary school prepared for their annual Christmas musical program. We delivered Katie at her classroom door, pressed and punctual, in time to take a class portrait with our digital camera before we hurried away to find seats for the performance.

Katie was beautiful in her black and white checked dress with the little roses around the waist, and shimmering (unbeknownst to us) with the excitement of a carefully hidden surprise.

After last year’s program, we weren’t expecting anything beyond the joy of seeing our little star standing up on stage with her class and sparkling under the lights. Even that was a sweet victory. Imagine the thrill we felt when the music came up and our girl was not only doing all the motions, but was belting out each song loud and clear with the rest of her class!

We snapped picture after picture. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Katie stepped forward to help introduce one of the songs!

Child #1: Why don’t any Christmas songs mention the tenth reindeer?

Child #2: The tenth reindeer? Which one is that?

Child #3: Olive, of course.

Child #4: I’ve never heard of Olive before.

Katie: Yeah, you know: (singing) “Olive, the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names!”

As the audience laughed their approval, Katie was grinning from ear to ear, clearly pleased with her perfect comedic timing. No punchline was ever delivered with greater panache. Paul and I were giggling and squeezing out tears at the same time. I know now what it means when they say your heart “swells” with pride. Mine felt a bit too big to fit in my chest at that moment, and it was a little hard to breathe past the lump in my throat.

After the show, she was still beaming, wanting to know what we thought of her surprise. I looked my beautiful, special child in the eyes and told her the truth–that she took my breath away!


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  1. what a precious time! it’s hard for me to imagine moments like that since nathan’s vocabulary right now consists of thank you, cracker, mommy, daddy, moo and growling like a bear 🙂 but i know when those moments come, my heart will swell with pride just like your’s did!

  2. ooh what a precious gift Katie gave to you!! A moment you will treasure! I love this post. I love the little things our children do that show us glimpses of God. God bless Katie!!

  3. What a delightful moment for you and for Katie. Her dress is so pretty– stylish but not too grown up.

    this is ally bean. blogger won’t let me comment on any beta blogs as me, so i am forced to use anonymous.

  4. That is precious!! I love her dress! And tell Katie she’s given me my Christmas joke for the year…if only I can deliver it as well as she did…

  5. What a wonderful memory for you! She looks so pretty too 🙂

    ~Cherie, another who can’t comment as herself thanks to beta blogger 😛

  6. We just went to Kat’s Christmas play tonight. She was the square dance caller. (Only in Texas would you need a square dance caller in a Christmas play!)

    I am so proud of Katie and I hope you caught it all on video!

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