Liquid Crystal Display


We’ve been talking for a while about buying a new TV. A widescreen, high-def, flat panel LCD, to be exact. The plan (and it was a good one) was to wait until February and the arrival of our tax return check to make all our home entertainment dreams come true, including surround sound speakers, a new receiver, a DVD player, and a television that would magnetically draw our friends for hundreds of miles around to our place to watch the Superbowl.

Saturday morning, the plan changed. Our old faithful television of nearly a decade suddenly decided to take a permanent break from transmitting television signals, opting instead to display a peaceful swirl of greens and blues overlaid with a patina of gold. It was lovely. It just wasn’t Nick Jr. And we need Nick Jr.

So we did The Bad Thing. We dug through our dresser drawers until we unearthed the deeply buried, hermetically sealed envelope containing OUR CREDIT CARD. We took it to the store, and we used it to buy a Vizio HD 37-inch LCD widescreen flat panel television. And then we took it to another store and used it to buy a brand new entertainment center because our old one was too little for our fabulous new movie screen. And the worst part of all was how not painful it was. (The spending part, that is. The rest of it was a little painful for Paul, who actually had to assemble the new entertainment center without a power tool and rewire all the gadgets to work together, a job that took all of Saturday night and much of Sunday afternoon. I’m so glad to be the girl on such occasions.)

So we have a new television. I can now see the pores on Gerard Butler’s nose when I watch Phantom of the Opera.

And don’t worry: we still have a plan. The credit card went right back into its envelope. Now I just have to find another good place to hide it.


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  1. i still remember when nathan and i were home recently in the states at my parents house… who have a really huge widescreen TV. It was absolutely hysterical to watch him marvel (and be a little freaked out) that the Little Einsteins and Backyardigans were life size to him on that TV. I hope your kids have just as much fun with Nick Jr. (we all need a reprieve!) on the new TV! 🙂

  2. Dave Ramsey would shake his head (and maybe an accusing finger) at you…but the rest of us completely understand. 🙂 Enjoy those Christmas movies on your new toy!

  3. Ugh. Chris and I just had this conversation last night wondering how much longer we can hold out with our current TV. I am not looking forward to the day when we have to replace it. It is only 6 years old but the screen is already getting that floating green/gold circle the size of a dinner plate, and sporadic fading out of channels.

    I am envious of your beautiful new TV and entertainment center!

    Loves shoes!

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