A Precipitous Goodbye to NaBloPoMo


Now that I have officially defaulted on NaBloPoMo, and the pressure is off, I could go back to my more usual posting frequency of one or two times a week, although I like Karyn’s idea of continuing the daily posting habit just for the sheer joy of it. I imagine I’ll eventually settle into some approximation between the two and be glad for the kick start that National Blog Posting Month gave me, along with a delicious liberation from carefully crafted blog postings and the permission to be totally off-the-wall, off-the-cuff, and, occasionally, off my rocker.

Although it was sometimes oppressive, the imperative to write something every day and the constant search for new subject matter infused my observations of the life going on all around me with a cleaner, sharper air. I feel awake, and that is a good thing to be.

I think I’ll definitely participate again next year. After all, I was humming along pretty well until I caught this Acute Venusian Upper Respiratory Infection of Complete Wretchedness. But you know me. I don’t like to complain.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Oh noooo! Keep posting! Keep posting! Just a few more days! (though I have to say, I’m takin’ a break at the end of this month, hoo yeah!)

    I would like to continue daily posting, too, but boy, it’ll be nice not to HAVE to. Though you’re right, it’s hepling to see the world in a different way at times, and often I’m thinking about writing, what words to used, how to convey things. It’s kinda fun!

  2. You have only a mere 5 days to go to finish the month. Don’t stop now. Not this close to the finish line. Don’t be the guy who drops out of college with only 3 credits to go. What if Thomas Edison had quit after his first failed attempt at the lightbulb? Where would we be if Abraham Lincoln had given up after he lost his first election? What if, after a less than perfect product, had Ben & Jerry thrown in the towel?! Ok, maybe we will still have light, freedom from slavery, a (somewhat) united country and Phish Food, but I think YOU will feel better December 1st knowing you didn’t give up after a single misstep. You’re still a winner in my book!

  3. Hey, I dropped out too… Just couldn’t get to it Friday and Saturday, for various reasons. Oh well. Maybe I’ll double-post the rest of the week to make up for it!

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