It is 12:20 am. I MISSED the midnight deadline for posting my daily blog entry for NaBloPoMo today!

I mean….yesterday.

The little troll on my shoulder is whispering in my ear that I should just backdate the post and no one will be the wiser.

But the memory of Jimmy Allen, my renowned and formidable Bible professor from Harding University, reminds me in a louder voice that my integrity is worth more than a free t-shirt.


(Thanks, Jimmy.)


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  1. Good job Trina. I know it is disappointing, but just think…. 10 years from now you won’t even remember. If you had back dated and got the t-shirt(fast forward 10 year with me, if you will…) the gnawing of the troll that had prompted you to do just a thing would still be 3/4 way through your arm!
    I like you with or without the t-shirt and with both arms!


  2. You did the right thing. Now what I would like to see is what kind of a day would cause you to miss your deadline! I almost called at 11:05 last night when there wasn’t anything new yet, but you know my late night call policy!

  3. It wasn’t Saturday yet in Hawaii…not that I’m in Hawaii. Oh, a good friend of mine says it’s not the next day until after you sleep, so it was still today yesterday. Hmmm, I think I need more sleep.

  4. Oh, hey now, I like the Queen Bee’s theory – how can it be TOMORROW until you’ve slept?

    That stinks. But it’s further proof positive that you are a fantastic person with uncommon integrity.

    There’s always next November… or we could just keep blogging every day, you know, just to stay in the habit…

  5. Heehee…thanks for the encouragement, everyone. 🙂

    Kathy, I wish I had a great and harrowing tale to tell you about the mysterious forces that kept me away from the computer, but the truth is far more mundane, so I will keep it to myself!

    Brandi, that’s a great image of the troll–very like I imagined him!

  6. Okay, one more thing: Post every day for the month of November. That’s it.

    They aren’t very specific about what constitutes a day. Who says they go to bed twice in one day if they happen to stay up until 12:30? What? 10:30 pm rolls around and they think, “Oh, I can’t go to bed yet, I’ve already slept today. That’s crazy talk. Keep posting. There may be a t-shirt in it for you yet.

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