Craft Night (also known as Pumpkin-Muffin-Indulgence Night and Wipe-the-Pool-Table-With-Kathy Night) was highly enjoyable. And I even got a few pages done! Witness the fruits of my labor:


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  1. Actually, it wasn’t me who beat Kathy last night–it was Amber. If I’d been playing, the outcome would probably have been much different!

  2. Way too cute! I sort of wish that I had the ‘scrapbook bug’, but then again, maybe not 🙂 Too much money, too much time – I have neither at this point in my life! I prefer to logon to iPhoto, put together my virtual photo album, then have them print, bind & mail it to me 🙂 You can even include captions and descriptions if you want. Maybe I’m lazy, but who cares! At least the kids will have photo albums to look at when they are older. They may not be quite as cute, but I plan to keep them from ever knowing that there are other mommies out there that cared more for their kids than I apparently do 🙂

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. These are so cute! And speaking of pumpkin (you said “pumpkin-muffin-indulgence night”), is the neighbor’s offendsive bacterial breeding ground still on the porch?

  4. Jennifer–Have no fear! How (or whether) you scrapbook has nothing to do with how well you love your children and everything to do with the lengths to which you’ll go to indulge an insatiable lust for patterned paper and stickers!

    Brilliant–No, thankfully, the pumpkin soup has been removed from the vicinity. Now if we can just get the local deer to stop leaving “presents” on our sidewalk!

  5. thank you, jules. i am a few inches taller, and a sight meaner, than katrina, which, i suspect, is why she abuses me so mercilessly on her blog.

  6. Cute kids, Katrina! Love Caleb’s hats 🙂 And I can just make out the poem at the bottom of Geek Chic…all my base are belong to you *LOL*

  7. Yet another thing we have in common. Only I scrap just once or twice a year when I get out EVERY piece of scrapping supplies I have and take over the dining room. Love the layouts!!

  8. You guys promised that if I left early you wouldn’t have too much fun without me and now I find out about a pool tournament. I knew I would miss something! Oh, well, at least I tried the muffins!

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