Scissors and Glue


Short post today, as I am off to play with the other girls at our monthly Craft Night. (Does it occur to anyone else that I am undeservedly spoiled by my husband, who, in addition to showering me with iPods and cool scrapbooking toys, doesn’t mind me doing a disappearing act for most of Friday night just one week after spending a whole pampered weekend away at Chick Trip? I’m starting to feel a little guilty at my good fortune, or I would if he had not immediately followed up my Craft Night announcement with his own carefully timed request that I do without him for part of Saturday so he can hang out and play Battlefield 2 and Counterstrike with his work buddies. Like I’m going to say “no“?)

I love scissors and glue. I always have, from the moment I opened up my first bottle of Elmers, which is probably the genesis of my grown-up love of creating scrapbooks for my family. Of course, I use acid-free cardstock now instead of construction paper, and Zig 2-way glue instead of Elmers, but the final torn, folded, cut and pasted monstrosities look much the same.

I only wish my mom lived closer, so she could hang them up on the refrigerator. It’s just not the same when I do it myself.


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