Puppy Love


Katie, my seven year old daughter, has a crush on a boy.

This isn’t breaking news or anything. We moved here to Coeur d’Alene almost five years ago, and Katie has liked Thomas for most of them.

Puppy love, infatuation, crush—whatever you call it, Katie’s little amore has outlasted most Hollywood marriages and stubbornly endured through cootie calls, teasing, and the outright rejection of a little boy who is not quite comfortable with the idea of being the object of so much passionate adoration. Actually, the “little” factor doesn’t have as much to do with it as the “boy” factor—even many grown men I know would quail at receiving a document entitled “10 Reasons Why I Like Thomas Sooooooooooo Much”, with accompanying illustrations.

As Katie’s parents, we have tried to be supportive and encouraging while still attempting to temper the intensity of her adulation with reminders that it’s important to spread out your friendships, and that being constantly mooned over can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone a seven year old boy. We’ve intercepted half of her tender Thomas-bound missives, arranged play dates with new friends, and tried filling up her hours with activities she enjoys and at which she excels. Over time, her constant stream of admiration has, perhaps, abated somewhat, but her allegiance remains unchanged.

This is an artistic rendering of her and Thomas that she created just this morning:

Apt, isn’t it? While I appreciate her excellent collage technique, as well as the clever visual idiom, I don’t think I’ll pass this one on to its intended recipient quite yet. Instead, I’m going to tuck it away for safekeeping. After all, one day in the not-so-distant future, Thomas may just get around to noticing the cute girl with the beautiful red hair sitting on the other side of the classroom. And when that day finally comes, she can give him this picture as a consolation gift, right after she tells him that her heart now belongs to Daniel Radcliffe.


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  1. Thank goodness he doesn’t know about your blog. He might have moved from “spooky” to something much worse had he known this was floating out there in cyberspace. And for the record, I’m trying to do my part on this end to curtail the “cootie calls.” Being the mother of boys while never having been around brothers is tough! (I’d love to see the “10 Reasons…” document, though.)

  2. Good one you got there! “I now have eyes for Harry!” Thomas would definitely keel over.

    Lol! I remember my own childhood passionate crush now … *tears*


  3. Do you think Katie would be willing to do some collages for me as well? She manages to capture the “eyes of love” theme perfectly, and its rare to find an artist with the talent to interpret the deep things of life with such accuracy!

  4. The collage is beautiful. I especially like that Katie is larger than Thomas. No shrinking violet there. Definitely save it for the appropriate moment. Too cute.

  5. I hope Katie finds her one true love – one day! Mom, you should tuck this away for her, then bring it out at her rehearsal dinner 🙂 She’ll probably remember it with fond memories. As a wedding coordinator, I can assure you that not only will it bring smiles, but it will also bring tears of joy that only the 2 of you will share 🙂

  6. oh how precious is this?! I have a boy, and at 10 1/2 he has no idea that girls are something to desire. My 10 year old niece, however, has already had several crushes and will cry if a boy hurts her feelings in some manner. Sigh. Oh, to be young and in love again. Or wait, maybe just to be young? Or just to be in love? Hmm…maybe Thomas has a single dad?

  7. Kathy–No worries about the teasing. It’s just part of growing up, and it’s a little scary to be liked with such ferocity! He has been very sweet to Katie lately, and I appreciate your kind hand in that. On our end, we’re trying to curtail the worst of the obsessive fan behavior…lol!

    Amy–I agree! That first whoosh of toe-curling intoxication is a doozy! Thomas’ dad is happily married, but I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for your Prince Charming among my other aquaintances. Hehe.

  8. That is so sweet! Funny, Bella’s best friend (who is all of 2 1/2) is a boy named Mitchell. They act more like brother and sister than anything else.

    Hope it stays that way! At least until she’s 28, they’re both still virgins, fall in love and marry, living happily forever. Not too much to ask, eh? Gosh, sounded good till I wrote it out.

  9. aw. that has got to be the sweetest thing. My girl drew a picture of herself and her intended and hung it on the wall. It says “I Love Tom Brady” they’re holding hands and he’s giving her a flower. He hasn’t filed the restraining order…yet.

    i love your daughter’s eyes, some people are just born romantics.

  10. Your daughter’s pretty talented!

    Speaking of Harry Potter, did you hear he’s doing a play where he has a nude scene? I can’t imagine that. (Not that I’ve tried. I’m not really attracted to 18-year-old boys. Or however old he is.)

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