We Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow


With a full day today and not much time left to get my NaBloPoMo post in under the midnight wire, I must resort to that age old trick of lazy/busy/so-tired-they-can’t-string-words-together bloggers everywhere: linking to a tasty bit of internet fluff.

In that spirit, the following link should please fans of vikings, Led Zeppelin, and adorable little kittens:

The Immigrant Song

Um, enjoy*.

*Unless, of course, you don’t share my sense of humor. In that case, don’t worry–you’re not alone.


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  1. The supposed kittens looked more like bunny rabbits with helmets. Sort of odd…glad it’s over. And so was hubby…neither of us are Led Zepplin fans… But, I have to ask, where on earth did you get that link? Just wondering about your surfing habits 🙂

  2. Now every time I hear that song I will have this image of kittens on the rampage. Oh, and Jack Black… I always think of Jack Black with that song. You know, “School of Rock”…

  3. OK, now I’m seasick.

    Well, at least I now know what Robert Plant was saying. I never could understand all the words to that song.

  4. That. Was. AWESOME!!!!!!!


    At OU, my favorite chant IS that song. The amazingly awesome drumline plays that beat, and instead of screaming, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ah,” we yell, “Oooooooooooooooooo-U!”

    It is the most amazing chant in the history of chants for any sporting event. Ever.

    And this video rocks. 🙂
    (Boomer Sooner!)

  5. Well, Trina, I sure am glad I have a link to your site now. I was wondering how you were doing out there, but now I know you NEED to come home!

    Actually, that was a riot. It really helps a homeschool mom put things into perspective and makes me aware that I really have to educate my children so that they do not grow up doing that!!!!!

    Love Ya,

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