*whispers* They’re still there.

Perhaps this is some sort of sophisticated psychological experiment, a closely monitored lab exercise for some grad student’s thesis on the role of communal expectations in the emergence of frictional language and violent behavior within geographically connected social groups.

Or maybe they’ve just been busy.

Whatever the reason, it’s way too late for me to do anything. I am definitely not touching that.

I’ll give it one more week, and then I’m calling the CDC.


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  1. Oh, that’s so sad. Unfortunately for them, the longer the wait the worse it will become. I think it’s probably at that point already, ugh. I wouldn’t want to touch that.

  2. Maybe they’re leaving it for retaliation for letting your stinkhorn grow to disgusting proportions. Or maybe for kicking it and thus spreading the spores for MORE stinkhorns to raise their putrid,puckered lips!

  3. *shudders*

    You had to bring the stinkhorn into this, didn’t you?

    You might be onto something, though. If, indeed, we’re the intended target of an alien invasion, mightn’t nutrient-rich rotting pumpkin be intended to nourish the alien hatchlings until they’re of adequate size to decimate the earth?

    Perhaps the neighbors are collaborators. I must observe them more closely.

  4. At least when I leave my snowmen stuff out until February or March, they don’t rot and stink up the neighborhood.

    And technically snowmen are still in season until Easter, right?

  5. Ha! Just chuck it in the trash. Then leave a little note that says, “This act of kindness performed by The Pumpkin Fairy ™.” 🙂

  6. That is too funny… I realized that my DH did not take our pumpkin to the landfill with our garbage the other day so now I am an Offender! Yikes! Our previously cute jack o’lantern is in the house and still does not smell and is not caving in on itself though… but it does have some black moldy spots starting up on the inside. And some purple decorations where the toddler got at it with a crayola washable marker.

    Can we still be friends?

  7. I had not read the stinkhorn post either. Wow. That’s a new one for me.

    I was going to suggest removing it with gloves, but shell’s idea is goes one step further. I like it.

  8. Interesting. It looks like either a deflated ball with goop guts or an orange down vest but with goop instead of down.

    Doesn’t help your situation..just my imagination 🙂

  9. I am so glad that I heeded your earlier warning and got rid of my pumpkin before it looked like this. Last year my neighbors left their pumpkins out all winter. Once the snow melted they were barely recognizable, just little gross piles of orange and brown mush. It made me glad that we live at least an acre away from them.

  10. If you got that close to them, make a little sign out of cardboard, like a headstone and write RIP on it and then set it there. Maybe then they’ll get a clue!

  11. Ok, gross doesn’t quite cut it, but nothing else is coming to mind that hasn’t already been said. But, I’m wondering, did you have to hold your nose while you snapped that picture?

  12. The Pumpkin Fairy! (If I do it, do I get to wear wings?)

    Rotten Pumpkin Pie–*makes noise of disgust too indescribable to be spelled with letters from the Phoenician alphabet*

    I’m loving the headstone idea: just the right combination of cutesy and demanding–with the fabulous bonus of not having to touch the things.

    And yes, they smell. Increasingly so.

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