Slinging my leg across the seat
black leather over a furious V-twin
I leave myself at the curb
and become her:
The Girl On The Bike
denim-wrapped legs
hugging the saddle

Inside the heavy helmet
behind the darkened visor
I am nameless
She Who Might Be Dangerous
long, dark hair trailing behind me
like a comet’s tail


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  1. This makes me think of that comic strip, Rose is Rose, or something like that. Every now and then she transforms into wild and free bikerchick, it’s great! I’ll try to find a picture.

    Oh, and I TOTALLY have to agree with Shell!!! I love your posts!

    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments both here and at my blog, by the way. They are very much appreciated. You are a blessing to me, thank you.

  2. I second the thoughts on the comic strip Rose is Rose… I think every woman should have an “alter ego” they’re too fun not to imagine it at least 🙂

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