My enthusiastic rendition of “Sugarpie, Honeybunch” (complete with cheesy dance moves), spontaneously generated as I twirled around the kitchen preparing lunch, was just met by a resounding, “Mommy, no! Stop singing!” by Caleb.

A little hurt, I asked, “Why do you want me to stop singing? I like singing! Singing is fun!”

“No,” came the reply. “Singing is dangerous.”

Gotta love that growing vocabulary.


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  1. Kids are so fun! Just wait till he’s a teenager! 🙂

    Oh how I can’t WAIT to torture… I mean, bless… my children one day with my own enthusiastic renitions!

  2. Yeah. During my American Idol moments, my oldest used to put his hands over my mouth and solemnly shake his head “no” (back when he was preverbal – now it’s just Mawwwwwwwwwm, STOP THAT). The little one just come up and looks at me with big pleading eyes and says “Mummy, you be twiet now peeze.”

    Oh yeah. Loving life.

  3. My kiddos actually ask me to sing with them 🙂 But, they have to ask. If I just pipe in while they are singing, they will immediately stop & give me the look. So, I’ve learned that unless I’m in the torturing sort of mood, I will sit & enjoy their unique renditions of various melodies that I may or may not recognize. My favorite is when my daughter starts bopping around and singing, “Crazy” by Gnarles Barklay 🙂 The “ooooohhhhhh’s” at the end crack me up! One of these days, I’ll capture her pucker, with closed eyes. A picture probably wouldn’t do it justice. It just cracks me up 🙂

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