It’s a Mystery


I may be blonde and act like an airhead, but inside I am a seething cauldron of frenzied cogitation and intellectual reasoning, and I know what you’re all thinking. Yes, it’s true that Peter and I didn’t always get along, but the same could be said for almost anyone at camp. He’s an interfering old curmudgeon, always poking his long, crooked nose into other people’s business and trying to tell everyone else what to do. No doubt he has many enemies.

I admit it. I don’t like Peter, but that doesn’t mean I poisoned him!


Friday night Paul and I got dressed up and attended our first ever mystery dinner party. As Donna Glover (think Britney Spears wannabe), I was resplendent in a hot pink velour track suit, fake eyelashes, and a long blonde wig. Paul played my boyfriend, Langley Weaver, dopey, bespectacled front man of the garage band Lightspeed. His crazy white-blond frizz and torn-to-tatters jeans would have looked at home in any respectable 80’s hair band. After putting the finishing touches on our costumes, we arrived at Tim and Alyssa’s house to find all our friends already assembled in a motley crue of potential suspects.

The mystery? Who poisoned Peter Stein, the camp director, and gave him a raging case of the trots?

Each cast member was given a script, of sorts, containing clues that had to be revealed throughout the night. As we ate dinner and mingled with each other, bits of information were exposed under the auspices of the shrewd and intimidating Detective Sam Cummings. As the details unfolded, the cunning observer with a keen mind could then use the clues to figure out the identity of the guilty party.

It was a blast. Staying in character was a challenge, since laughing at each other’s antics was inevitable. Tim’s Italian playboy and Alyssa’s kooky cheerleader kept me in stitches, and Danny’s mysterious, machete-wielding stranger evoked a genuine case of the heebie-jeebies. Paul played the overprotective but henpecked boyfriend to a T, while I really dug into my pop culture memory banks to bring out my best and most annoying Valley Girl accent. It must have paid off, because at the end of the night, we took home two prizes—Paul for best costume and me for best acting.

I won’t reveal who actually poisoned Peter, except to say that it really wasn’t me. Hard to believe, I know, since it’s obvious that beneath that bubbly blonde exterior beats the heart of a criminal mastermind.

But I guess you just never know about people.


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