Show and Tell


This morning, I single-handedly saved Friday. At least according to the look in my daughter’s eyes when I dropped her off at school just before the morning bell.

It was very nearly the third Friday in a row in which she forgot to bring something in for show-and-tell. In case you don’t know, show-and-tell is a very big deal in the second grade. All eyes in the classroom are on you, and for a few brief moments, you are the absolute center of attention. For an aspiring rock star like Katie, it’s a good time to practice accepting the adulation of an adoring crowd.

Except when you forget to bring anything to show and tell about.

Since she had reminded me earlier in the week that show-and-tell was fast approaching, I felt some responsibility for the deficit, discovered suddenly and with much dismay as we entered the drop-off lane at school. Tears started brimming in her eyes and I could see that the situation was quickly devolving into a total meltdown, so I did what any mother would do. As cars piled up behind me with their precious cargo to unload, I cast around inside the car for something, anything, that would be deemed an object of interest for a gaggle of seven year olds.

Finally, in the glove box, I found it: a tiny travel keychain version of the game Boggle, complete with a little sand timer and sixteen itty bitty letter cubes. I thrust it into her hands, and suddenly her smile emerged like sun from behind clouds. It was declared “the best show-and-tell ever” as I lovingly pushed her out the door into the schoolyard, the back of my head burning from the glares of the other drivers. Still, I was smiling as I pulled away.

Some days you do get to be a superhero, after all.


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  1. Briefly worked, slaved, ground myself into a job in customer service as an art consultant for three years and never have I been so thrilled about handing someone the perfect combination of cheeses at my new job in a cheese/specialty shop. People smile and gush about how you (I, us) saved the day. Customer service on this new level (without the looming thousands of dollars waitting to appreciate, or not) is very rewarding, as is your child rearing. I can’t wait to join your team when I have little ones of my own!!

  2. You’re lucky. It is a wonderful feeling. I, unfortunately, have had to bear the meltdowns from time to time, it’s never pretty and you’re left feeling like a total loser, because “oh nooooo, mom!” Yeah, that’s the worst. I’m glad you got to be a hero.

  3. I have seen my share of show and tells (some even made out of school supplies at the last minute) because, you’re right, show and tell is a BIG deal. Good job on another example of mommy improvisation.

  4. I can’t wait to have that kind of moment with my lil baby. For now, I would have to make do with my lil sis who also declares me the bestest sister ever. =)

  5. Ah, I remember doing this for the Boo one time. I think we found a matchbox car in the seat pocket. It was a good save. Better the car than the little tree hanging from the rearview mirror.

  6. It went great, and everyone was suitably impressed with the volume achieved by shaking the Boggle game violently in one hand. (Even the teacher, who had to confiscate it after several warnings to stop shaking it; she gave it back at the end of the day…lol!)

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